You can order the Blood Album Pendant!


Did you know you can order the pendant even if you didn’t buy the album from Best Buy? I just ordered mine! :heart:

To buy the Blood Album and get the Pendant FREE (potentially cheaper), click the link below!

To order just the pendant, click the link below!

AFI Jewelry (Pendants and more)!

@Ophelia you’re evil. I just ordered mine too…



It’s cheaper if you purchase a copy of the album from Best Buy to get the promo code, but note they will only deliver to US addresses. I ended up buying 10 copies total to try to get all 3 variants. All the duplicates I got ended up being sold on ebay to fans outside the US so I broke even.


God dammit, @Ophelia, I just promised myself I wouldn’t order anything else AFI related for a while.

I mean, I already have one, but…

Jesus. All of you here are ENABLERS.


For real. In the other thread where you were all talking about the Crash Love pendant, I was reading and thinking “please don’t find one on eBay for $200, I’ll have to get it…”


Hahaha, I know. It’s such a problem. I was saying that I should just cut a portion of my earnings to AFI and they just send me stuff as it comes out. LOL.


On the Blood Pendant, does anyone know all the variant lyrics on the back?

I got the So Beneath You one, and I’m pretty sure there’s an Aurelia one, but I don’t know what the specific lyrics are on the Aurelia one.


I have the Aurelia one. It says “The new wolves await,” which is rather serendipitous because that’s one of my fave songs/lines.


@Mankey I just bought myself an AFI b-day gift (early) off of eBay. The only CRASH LOVE pendant I would spend $200 on is one of the two originals. :wink:


Did you find it? I hope you did.


Mine is from Get Hurt, the line is “Promise me you will keep your eyes closed.”


@_tonibell no, I haven’t found the CRASH LOVE pendant yet–still looking!
I bought something else – I’ll post a pic when it arrives!


Uugh, you can’t tease us like this. That’s against the site rules.


I’ll make a new rule. No teasing about cool AFI merch.


Thanks. I’ll feel more secure while I’m here now :relieved:


I do what I can to provide a safe space.


@Mankey and @_tonibell I guess you’ll just have to wait until Friday to see the pictures of my early birthday present to myself which just happens to be a drumhead signed by the band at Firefly benefiting St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. I’m a cancer researcher–so I knew this will be so awesome to display in my future awesome office. I also didn’t catch Adam’s drumhead at Red Rocks and might have a tiny scar on my dominant surgery hand from said Red Rocks drumhead… so I kinda wanted an AFI drumhead. :drum::heart:️:fire::notes: Happy early birthday to me! :sunglasses:


P.S. I’m still looking for the CRASH LOVE pendant, but not for $200 unless it’s one of the two original pendants. :heart:


One of the two original CRASH LOVE pendants


Yeah, thanks for getting me the So Beneath You pendant! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: