You WITH AFI (pics)


This thread is for posting your photos of yourself with AFI! I most recently got my photo with Adam, Hunter and Jade at Sayreville, NJ.


You found the elusive Jade! Hahaha. I’ll post my lone photo with Adam.

This was in Portland, Maine when I finally got the courage up to go to the buses after. It was about 1-1:30 AM. I was FREEZING. Maine needs to come with a disclaimer that it is NOT warm in June. Haha.

I met Adam, Davey, and Hunter. I only asked Adam for a photo; I didn’t want to bother Davey, who was standing on the bus steps, for one, and they were about to leave when I met Hunter. The only reason I went up to them was because @STORMS kept telling me to here on the boards and on twitter. LOL. Usually my social anxiety would keep me from going anywhere near them.


Well, it will be years until I get my second chance at meeting Davey. I am sure it’s going to feel similar to the first time… surreal, anxious, nervous.

It would be amazing to have more 1-on-1 time with them. When you’re there at a show, I didn’t feel like I should be taking up a lot of their time since they have at least 50-100 other fans waiting to meet them and tell stories. The longest conversation I had was with Adam. I asked him about the old AFI forums, etc.

I’d love to chat more with Hunter, Jade and Adam. Davey would make me go fanboy, just because he’s been my idol since '00. However, I’ve come to realize I have a closer connection to Hunter than I realized before with those bass lines I love so much. :slight_smile:


I actually chatted with Davey the longest, and there wasn’t really anyone behind us waiting to see him. But I felt so badly about taking up their time after the show, and after Davey mentioned that Jade was already asleep, I felt AWFUL. :frowning: I was like, “Well, way to make them stay up.” But it was still cool to meet them.


I won meet and greet tickets from HFS radio station and got to meet the band briefly before the 2/8/17 Baltimore show! I got to shake everyone’s hand and thank them for their wonderful music. They were genuinely appreciative of me thanking them, which made me so happy that they care about their fans!


Those pics are adorable!


Those pics! Was that the Josh guy from AFINEWSHQ in the BG or is that someone else?

Wow, you got like the chance in a lifetime to meet them. Wow, wow… that is awesome. :smiley:


I haven’t met any of the AFINEWSHQ folks yet.