AFI artwork (I'll start with a drawing)


An AFI drawing I did years ago… probably about 8 years ago.


I’m bringing this back since I’m not longer alone on these forums. :slight_smile: @Snobgrass @_tonibell @dnlkdwll @MyFireInsidePod @BrandonsNotGrey @Cher_I_Despair @insectpins @StageGhost @Glenn @Vanished

Here’s a Bleed Black piece that I made YEARS ago and then actually had it professionally framed.

@Pablo I know you have things to post! :slight_smile:


Beautiful! I’d love to see more if you have any!


Awesome. I can’t draw to save my life, but several years ago I did an abstract/impressionist piece with charcoal and oil pastels inspired by Wester and A Winter’s Tale. It got ruined though when I moved . :frowning:

One thing that AFI inspires me a lot with is photography. I am huge into photography and while I haven’t been able to do it for a couple of years due to obsolete software and an old camera that barely works, I’ve done entire collections based on certain songs and albums.


Do share! After all, this thread is for artwork in general.


Davey torso study from a photo he uploaded publicly to Instagram… It’s done in calligraphy ink without the tattoos to see how well I could master the depth of light and shadow in muscle structure


Fall Children style Pumpkin King jewelery box. Acrylic on wood… 442

I also painted an 8*10 version on canvas on backer board.


You have skills, I’ll give you that.

I love this. It’s a really neat take on All Hallows. A very welcoming Pumpkin magician almost. :slight_smile:


I really dislike sharing my work as I don’t believe it’s very good. :sweat:

These are some from a collection I have on this computer. They’re pretty old, from like almost 5 years ago. Obviously the black and white photos in Sing the Sorrow and the misty/ghost-like lighting and/or filters they used were an inspiration.

(Sorry if these are fucking huge and break your screen.)


I love these! The stairs and the chair are my favorite. I may even use them as my new wallpaper. :slight_smile:


Oh they’re beautiful!!!


Thank you so much! I have another one I sold before I even finished it, but I need to find a photo of it so I can show you guys!


Calligraphy ink, acrylic paint and sand

Amaranth, Love Lies Bleeding


Thank you! I will post my art after this weekend, when I paint a 8 ft tall Davey painting.


Love the last forest picture! Great photos!


They’re incredibly haunting photos. Great work.


All your artwork is amazing.


I envy anyone who can draw. My only real way to express myself is either sometimes writing or mostly, creating these forums, lol.

I can’t draw unless I’m staring at something… even then, it’s not great.


@Snobgrass @STORMS @Humma @_tonibell

Thank you! I took them with a little digital Toshiba. It’s actually one of the first photography collections I did.


I’m entering this photo I took right after the Red Rocks show into my local National Arts Program contest. I have lots of concert photos from the Blood Tour that I really like too.