AFI songs that have 'grown' on you


Was listening to Veronica Sawyer Smokes today and couldn’t believe I used to dislike that song :slight_smile:
Snow Cats has been another grower for me . I don’t think I’ll ever love it but I really couldn’t stand it when I first heard it.

What are those songs that you have come to like or love after disliking them at first?


As weird as it sounds…the whole Burials album :stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t like it when I first listened to it…although I wasn’t an AFI fan by that time…anyway…now I love Burials :slight_smile:

But talking about just one song…I guess Medicate…didn’t like it at all…and now I love it…


No Resurrection and Hidden Knives

Still not a huge fan of No Resurrection


“Sacrilege” has grown on me, though it’s still not my fave. The lyrics don’t feel as well thought out.


Mine was the entire Crash Love album. Really disappointed at first listen but enjoy it now.


Actually, I remember feeling like this too. I just picked up my CD from Walmart and popped it in. I LOVED Torch Song but then the rest of the album wasn’t quite what I was hoping for.

However, now I love the whole album.


OMG, “Hidden Knives” was my song from the moment I heard it! LOL.

Actually, funny story: last March I went to New Orleans to visit fam/chill for my birthday. A few of us were walking by a bar- admittedly tipsy because it’s NOLA- and suddenly my friend just grabs my arm and goes, “your song.” I listened closer, and in one of the bars (all the windows are always open), “Hidden Knives” was playing. Apparently, this called for me breaking out into song while holding a Hurricane bigger than me and grabbing a random tourist to dance with.

I will always think of Bourbon Street when I hear that song. sigh Good times.

But, eh, “No Resurrection,” also took a while to grow on me.


Hidden Knives has definitely grown on me, but No Resurrection still has some work to do.

Your story is pretty sweet though. Just knowing you have that story for that song makes it even better for me; from one fan to another. :slight_smile:


Yeah, No Resurrection is slowly climbing, but it’s just not all there for me. Something’s missing.

And the entire Blood Album is associated with NOLA for me. I was also working on a writing project while down there and would chill in Lafayette Cemetery when it would first open in the AMs, write a bit, and listen to the Blood. The album works perfectly for that setting, I must say.


Everything after DU. I fell off the AFI wagon for several years until about a year ago and now Crash Love and Burials are actually my favourite albums.

If I had to choose 1 song I disliked and now love it would be Medicate. I remember the first time I heard it when the video was on tv and I just remember thinking it sounded too produced and that Davey should stop acting like Morrissey lol.


Wow, so you and I have something in common there. I fell off after DU as well, but it was mainly due to financial reasons. Since falling back into it this past February I kinda don’t miss the financial burden of trying to keep up or catch up on items that I want or missed out on. I really shouldn’t call it a burden, but it is difficult… I’m sure most of you would agree.

What makes up for the song is that the next track is 17 Crimes. No Resurrection just falls on its face for me. Perhaps I need to re-read the lyrics to learn some appreciation for it.


I am on the same boat as @Snobgrass. I did not like CL when I first heard it, but now I really like the album.


Like a few others the whole CL album I could just not get into other then the singles… but now I can atleast listen to the whole album… how ever it is still at the bottom of my list for their whole discography in terms of favourite full lengths


at first I though she speaks the language was HORRIBLE😂 but slowly I definitely am starting to enjoy it more, same with dark snow


I felt like “She Speaks the Language” was almost a response to “Feed From the Floor.” It felt overwrought to me at first, but after a while I got it. I think the issue with the Blood Album, at least lyrically, is that there’s A LOT going on- a lot of different styles being played with, a lot of different tropes being incorporated- that sometimes it almost takes away from the music.

“She Speaks the Language” also felt a little like “Kiss and Control to Me,” vibe wise.

But my friend HATED “She Speaks the Language” at first, kept calling it a cheap version of the entire Sing the Sorrow album.


So…did anyone actually like CL when it came out? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. I remember thinking it was quite good, enough to keep me interested in the band, but not a patch on DU. The latter may make some of you laugh :wink:
However, I was especially motivated to keep listening to CL because I’d booked to see the guys before getting the album so of course, I had to try to learn all the lyrics in time for the show :slight_smile:

The Blood album has grown on me in general. For some reason, it took me many, many listens to separate and remember some of the songs in my head but strangely, with regard to the above comments, She Speaks The Language was my favourite off Blood from the start.


I LOVED Crash Love when it came; Sacrilege was the only song that didn’t really click. It felt lazy, especially lyrically.



I loved Crash Love and it’s one of my favorites. I enjoy it way, way more than Burials.


From STS and DU, I guess Crash Love just felt lighter and it was. I guess I just wasn’t expecting it. I was expecting another dark album.

Regardless, the entire album has grown on me.

If I had to pick one album between CL, Burials and Blood though… I’d probably pick Burials. It’s funny though, because the dark imagery might be what I’m basing that off of.


Surprised you feel that way about Sacrilege. Thinking of thematically similar songs, the So Beneath You lyrics seem ‘lazier’ than Sacrilege to me, although I prefer the melody of SBY.

Glad to see some folks liked CL on release though!