AFI Tattoos - I'll start with one of mine!


Here’s my favorite tattoo. It’s metamorphosis take on the DF logo. Angel feathers falling exposing the bat wings. You’ll notice there’s some color difference on the skull… it’s because this tattoo covered up the All Hallows bats I originally had here. This tattoo is a bit better. :wink:

Unwittingly promoting AFI

Just saw this- really cool. I’m trying to work up the nerve to get a tattoo. I’m always worried about work. But yours is amazing.


I was worried about work before too… but not anymore. Actually I usually have some of mine exposed and it’s never been an issue.

They hurt, yes… but damn. You leave the tattoo parlor already planning your next tattoo. Fun fact, all of my tattoos are AFI related. I have the Black Sails cover on my left arm.


Damn, I wish. I work in academia, so it’s a massive hit or miss. Some bosses don’t care, some love them. If I were to get one, it would be on my ribs. I want the sing the sorrow symbols on one side and a Peter Pan inspired one on the other. But I’m incredibly boney, and my friend who is a tattoo artist is afraid to do them there. LOL.


That’s one place I have no desire for tattoos. For one, I’d be a baby about it… and two, I’m more for mainly my arms (sleeves). For example, the tattoo I have pictured in the first post… I’ve been thinking about getting the STS leaves the entire way down my arm. They currently stop just above my elbow.


My problem is that if I ever get married, I don’t want to see them in pictures. LOL. I’m such a princess about certain things. And I always liked how rib tattoos looked since I saw Ville Valo’s. But that would be an amazing sleeve. STS has such iconic artwork. Simple, but iconic.


Yeah, I can’t say I have that problem, lol. Meaning, worrying about them in photos. I’m pretty sure my Dad may not like mine. He flipped out when he saw I had my ears pierced years ago. Though he’s never said anything, I’m sure he didn’t like seeing them for the first time.

Do you recall the Tree icon on the one DF package armband? I have that on both inside forearms as well. When I put my arms together it forms a heart. :slight_smile:


I loved that icon! Again, more shit that was lost when the apartment I lived in during college was flooded with 10 feet of water. :sob:


If it makes you feel any better I have no idea where my Silver versions of my STS CDs are. I have the cover art but I don’t know where the discs are. :frowning:

I also have a Japanese release of Shut Your Mouth that had exclusive tracks, “Coin Return” and “Self Pity” that I can’t find the CD for. It’s gotta be around somewhere!!!

I never give away or let anyone borrow my AFI stuff. I’m sure you understand. :rage:


No one touches my AFI stuff, especially since I have so little left. Stupid giant storms, two rivers, and broken levees. sigh at least I saved the tour shirts.


Davey, Adam, Hunter, Jade… if you’re viewing this… this needs to be a song title. LOL.

Seriously, amazing. Sad… definitely sad, but amazing way to describe that anguish.


It could have been worse. I only lost my lovely collections, not my home.
And thanks! :sparkling_heart:


I’m reviving this a bit… time for more people to share theirs!


This is my only one currently. I’m working on a tattoo I’ll design myself.


Gorgeous! So envious of you guys with these tattoos


That’s a really clean All Hallows tattoo - very nice!

I’ve been debating adding more STS leaves down my right arm to finish. Or getting the Nephilm on my left forearm since AOD was my introductory album into AFI.

Another idea I had was a back tattoo surrounding Midnight Sun. I love that song… I remember being all surprised when it came on when I was listening to Blsck Sails. I was like, “What?! What is this?”. And I was in love.


Midnight Sun is a brilliant song, you should do it. It’ll also be more original to have something designed around a specific song. I love personal touches to tattoos like that.


I have 2 tattoos and both are AFI related. The first one I got was on my wrist. AFI helped me through some personal stuff when I was a teenager so I wanted to have them be a part of me forever. And my second one is on my chest with the words “we are one.” I still want to add to my chest but haven’t decided what exactly to add.


Very nice!

Believe it or not, I don’t have the letters AFI anywhere on me; just their artwork. That might change with my Midnight Sun tattoo idea though. Until I have a concrete idea of what I want though, I’ll likely wait a bit yet. It’s been years since last tattoo. However, all of my tattoos are AFI tattoos or AFI-inspired.


It’s been about 7 years since my last. I was going to get another for my birthday this year but the person who was gonna get one with me chickened out lol.