AFI tour announcement! "Mourning in Amerika" w/ Rise Against & Anti-Flag


I am a huge fan of both AFI and Rise Against and I saw both of them independently last year. I am so fucking stoked. I didn’t think I’d see AFI again for 3 or 4 years. And I didn’t think I’d have any reason to go back to my happiest place on earth: Colorado.

But it looks like my ass is destined for red rocks. Of course, I’ve moved to Germany for the time being (goddamnit) so the flight is gonna be a little rougher…

Surprised by the amount of “I can’t believe AFI isn’t headlining” I’ve seen in the few hours since it’s been anounced. Rise against has the more mainstream/larger fanbase and has been pretty much continuously touring since their album release. We all thought AFI was done for a bit. I can’t even believe they’re in the same line up that isn’t a festival. I’m ecstatic!!!


Same here. I see that Rise Against has been around since '99 so maybe that’s why people are confused or upset but yeah… I think we all basically thought we wouldn’t see AFI again for a few years. This is pure awesomeness IMO.


One question I do have though… it is still likely to see the band after the show to get autographs, etc?


Toronto show for me… to bads it’s at a horrible venue IMO


That is a good question…

I’m honestly used to openers being more willing to hang around, but openers usually aren’t as big as AFI. Probably depends on the day lol.

I will say that rise against had VIP seats during their coheadlining tour with deftones, so I’ll be on the lookout for that. I don’t want to be burned like during the afi tour with circa survive.


I’m doing 9 for this time around but that’s it If Blaqk Audio is around the corner I’d def have a better time at that whole tour then a non headlining tour.


Really? Have never been there…hope it’s not that bad…


Maybe BA will be pushed back until winter after the tour is over


The negativity of FB does my head in some times. There really are some proper bellends on there. Seriously, wish people would be happy they have a tour. Over this side of the pond we’ve had a handful of support dates in 8 years.

EDIT: people on the rise against FB are actually complaining about their political stance. They have had That stance and sung about it constantly over the last 18 years. Why are you surprised by this?!?!


RA fans are funny. I haven’t listened to an RA album since the one after Appeal to Reason. I can’t think of the title since I’m pretty sure I only gave it a once through and stopped listening to their new outputs.
Any notable songs in the RA catalog since 2008 I should check out? My favorite album of theirs is Sufferer and the Witness if that helps.


The albums post 2008 have been a bit meh, but they have their moments. Difficult to say really. ‘Broken Mirrors’, ‘Zero Visibility’, ‘Bridges’, ‘Politics Of Love’ are some of the standouts for me personally. They have that kind of ‘survive’ or ‘saviour’ feel to them, for me personally anyway.


I honestly wasn’t a great fan of endgame or the black market, but I really felt they came back strong with wolves. My favourite album was a toss up between rpm and siren.

Songs that stood out to me between appeal to reason and now are:
Midnight hands
This is letting go
A beautiful indifference
People live here

From the new album I’d recommend Bullshit.


I think it’s likely we’ll see Blaqk Audio dates in October, November, and December, which all still qualify as Fall (at least until December 21st)


Curious? I only started listening to blaqk audio last year and have only heard material. Basically I don’t really follow their news. Their album release pattern leads me to believe they’ve already had a release recently and aren’t likely to tour either.

A quick Google of “blaqk audio tour 2018” doesn’t really give me any insight. Why might they be touring?


Their new album is ready. They just haven’t officially announced anything yet. Check the BA forum, it’s in there.


Davey reportedly told some one at the book signing in oakland that BA would tour in the Fall. And he’s previously stated that the new record is complete, they’re just figuring out how they are going to release it (self release? Record label? Who knows?)


Eh, I hate Rise Against, so I’m not sure about this one. I would only go to NY if I do go. Not sure if it’s going to be worth a steep, Coney Island ticket price just for a 30 minute set. I wouldn’t stay for Rise Against.


I’m beginning to consider flying to the US to see one of these shows. I don’t mind Rise Against (I’ve only listened to their songs on Guitar Hero), but considering AFI won’t come for Mexico, I can’t miss them now. Would be cool to meet you guys up!


Hey dude! I’ll be doing west coast I’m at 5 shows right now maybe we’ll cross paths.I’ll be needing your help on the planning.


I hope the blaqk audio tour happens this year,I think it would be better off prior to this as this tour runs to almost october.I highly doubt they get off the road and jump back on right away I wouldn’t be suprised if it just gets the January release and we get teaser and singles around the holidays.Not being a negative nancy at all glad we get afi and Blaqk audio but the timing isnt the greatest for a new release from b.a. I hope I’m wrong,thoughts?