AFI tour announcement! "Mourning in Amerika" w/ Rise Against & Anti-Flag


Well damn cause I’m not doing west coast shows lol just midwest and east coast I can help with planning maybe


I feel like we’ll get something Blaqk Audio this year, though it may not be a whole tour.

I also feel like Davey is always really optimistic and wants to put out all the new music right now! If we hear something from Jade, or Blaqk Audio’s official site/twitter/instagram that will likely be a better source than Davey himself.


I used to listen to some Anti-Flag back in the day of listening to Operation Ivy, Rancid, Offspring, Bad Religion, etc. I listened to a few RA songs for the first time yesterday… not a fan, but I very much appreciate them having AFI as guests.

My wife and I may back out of the crowd after AFI… we’ll see. I’m really hoping we’re still able to meet the band after the show.


Anyone have the presale code for today?


Crap… you need a code for it?


One of the presales just jumped back a day literally seconds ago. Oh well, definitely by Friday I will be ordering tickets.


There are multiple presales this week and I assume they need codes… the one today is Citi credit card holders.


Yeah, I saw that. Same here.


Usually for the credit card ones you have to be buying it with your credit card (the one sponsoring the presale) to qualify.


People already selling tickets on eBay… :frowning:


I would only go to Coney Island, and I know bands usually can’t sign there. I don’t know. I have a lot against RA and Anti-Flag. I also can’t deal with abbreviated sets. I saw AFI open for Green Day, but I wanted to see Green Day, too, so that was worth it. I might pass on this one. I might be moving then, too.


I’ll likely take just two things to try to get signed. We’ll see how successful I am after 8/4. :slight_smile:


That’s a good idea. Like I said, I’m not sure if I can even plan it right now. Damn adult life getting in the way of spontaneity. :wink:


Yeah, no lie. I wish I could do what @Cher_I_Despair is doing again. I’m very envious! Oh well, he has at least inspired me to think differently about going to shows, well, going to MORE shows.

I’m planning to go to multiple shows when AFI headlines again.

BTW @Cher_I_Despair do you prefer to be called Jake or Jacob?


Either one you choose is fine Inrespond to not lol


LOL, I wish. But this would NOT be the tour that I follow them around for.

I’m surprised they didn’t add another leg to the Blood Tour. If they could do this, why not go all out for the Blood or even 15 years of STS?


I totally didn’t think of that,15 years of STS their first platinum album makes alot of sense or at least some secret shows would have been cool but I get it two are married,davey is a machine,and only God knows what Hunter has up his sleeve.Btw Hunter posted their platinum RiAA award we were lucky to see the gold,I never seen this though


They don’t do anniversary tours, but I still think they should just quick-write/release an EP. There is one song that was left over from the Blood sessions, so it’d be cool if they wrote 3 songs to go with that one. Not sure what Matt Flood is busy with though; but just for consistency’s sake he’d be the best guy to track with. Either that or get ol’ Andy Ernst to do it. I’m sure he’d appreciate the offer.


Yeah, I remember them saying they don’t do anniversary shoes, but this tour just feels so out of place. Eh, whatever. I’m sure it will be fun for those who are fans of those other bands. They’re just a bit redundant for me.

And, yeah, and EP would be fantastic.


@Alina and I were talking about it before the announcement was made, but, eh. My point is that if they had time for this tour, why not something a bit more AFI focused.

Again, whatever, doesn’t matter for me. I’m not going to commit to a short set. I never really enjoy their shows when they’re openers; the crowd doesn’t feel right.