Allow me to Introduce Myself

i wanted to take a second to introduce myself officially, and set up a thread for all of you to do it too.

My name is Brandon, I play guitar and have tried to play in multiple hardcore punk bands. The first song I ever learned was actually He Who Laughs Last, because you know if you play guitar, Very Proud of Ya has some pretty easy songs on it.

Other than AFI, I listen to a lot of hardcore punk and horror punk bands, including Touche Amore which has got to be my second favorite band (when AFI toured with Touche Amore, it was great). I literally live and breathe music, it’s my favorite thing in the entire world.

I live in Washington, D.C., and have moved there from Los Angeles, but still spend a lot of time in Los Angeles. So if you’re in the D.C. area, odds are you’ll catch me at shows. If you live in the Los Angeles area, I may also see you around.

Well that’s me, hope I don’t come off weird by wanting to do this. But I’ve met some of the coolest people through AFI, figured I’d leave that option open.


Brandon, thanks for making this post and thanks for using this forum.

It’s great to meet you. From seeing AFI again this past February after many years totally rekindled my addiction to AFI (family, work, real-life had been consuming me from music) so when I came back online for AFI and learned that the official forums were down, it was only a matter of time before I knew I wanted to start new fan forums. So it’s great to have fans like yourself coming here to meet up.

I’m from York, Pa so it’s possibly that we were at the same show in February. :slight_smile:

Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I am very AFI-bias… I’ve considered myself an AFI loyalist since '00.

Also, here’s to hoping that the East Coast gets more AFI shows this year. :slight_smile:

I went to the show in Baltimore at Rams Head and the one in D.C. at 9:30 where they debuted “Of Greetings and Goodbyes” and then proceeded to play Wester, which was cooler than I ever could’ve expected.

So… you were at this show?

I’m more jealous than I can find words for.

I was at that show. I was on the Barricade on that show. I took the day off. They also sound-checked Malleus at that show twice, and I heard it both times.

They proceeded to not play it, but at least I’ve heard it played. :grin:

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I’m more jealous of your Totalimmortal experience. Although, my Totalimmortal experience was pretty f*cking good too. :slight_smile:

In case you never saw the video I recorded… :smiley:

I have seen that video, it was the video I watched when I used to tell my friends all I wanted in the world was for them to play Totalimmortal at our show and have a similar experience. I genuinely want to see other songs off All Hallow’s though. It’s my favorite collection of music of all time. Fall Children or the Boy Who Destroyed the World would be cool as shit. I’m pretty sure they played Boy Who Destroyed the World at one show last tour.

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Thanks! At least the jealously kinda sounds like it goes both ways. :slight_smile:

Also, yeah I was thinking that… Fall Children or Boy Who Destroys the World would be amazing to hear…

I love Miseria Cantare and Strength Through Wounding, but I was thinking that Fall Children would make for a hell of an opener. I know back in the latter 90’s, from what I’ve heard from my tattoo artist who was a huge AFI fan, they actually did use to open with it. It has that cool creepy vibe in those opening notes.

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Oh, you meant to open with? Yeah, that would be amazing…

Fall Children looks so cool to open with and just to see live. I don’t know when the last time they played it was.


Ugh, should probably introduce myself, too.

I’m Tonianne. I’ve been listening to AFI for the last 16.5-17 years. I was 10.5 (2000) when I first heard AFI. My “uncle”/older brother figure first introduced me to them with “Malleus Maleficarum.” I’ve been obsessed with witches and the occult since I was a little girl, so he thought that the name would help get me into them. It did. I first saw them at Warped ‘01 in Camden, NJ. I believe they played “Fall Children” that day, unless I’m wishfully imagining that. I broke a rib and split my lip at barricade (apparently being under 5’ and 75lbs was NOT conducive to surviving) but I made it. Greatest experience of my life. My uncle is still really into AFI, but he lives in NOLA permanently now, so unless they perform down south, we don’t really get to go together a lot anymore.

I’ve seen them a lot since that first show (one of my fave shows was the June 23, 2006 date- they started with “Miseria Cantare” and played “Summer Shudder” ). If you’re ever in New England and even down to VA, I’m usually at at least three shows a tour. I’m from the suburbs of NYC, so I can travel around a lot.

I was part of the old DF forums, but I didn’t talk much; I felt intimidated by everyone.

Other than AFI, I run the gamut with music. I love post-punk 80s such as Echo & the Bunnymen and The Cure, hardcore like Dead Kennedys, The Misfits, and Minor Threat, Bad Brains, Christian Death, and then weird stuff like DIIV and Grimes. I also have a slight obsession with Diamanda Galas’ voice.

Outside of fandom life, I’m a writer/research specialist and college professor (English lit with a focus on the occult in literature). I spend a lot of my time reading, researching, and working out (I’m obsessed with barre classes, so if anyone ends up following me on Insta, I apologize in advance for the obscene amount of posts that take place in the barre studio).

@BrandonsNotGrey, thanks for setting this thread up!

And if anyone is ever in the NY, PA, NJ, CT area and needs a concert buddy/fellow AFI fanatic, let me know. :slight_smile:

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I still find it awesome that we both got into AFI in the same year AND saw them live on the exact same day for the first time. That’s wild. YOU STILL OWE ME THOSE PICS! :slight_smile:

Also, holy shit, you’re right… they did play Fall Children then… dammit, I wish someone recorded this:

![AFI Setlist Tweeter Center, Camden, NJ, USA, Vans Warped Tour 2001](upload://cq1KYn7CfX7pXpbHXPs1J0nqp6o.png)

If only someone could have been recording this… because of course aside from the actual photos I took, my memory isn’t good for the set. I thought they also played Midnight Sun… I could’ve sworn.

That setlist is ridiculously fantastic. Almost every single one of those songs would be on a dream set-list for me.


It was a great setlist. I was spoiled with that as a first show. Not that they have ever let me down with a setlist since.

I am STILL stuck in PA. Today I’m in Gettysburg. Tomorrow I will be in Philly. And so on and so forth. Hopefully by Friday I’ll be home and can look for that box with all my old stuff in it.

And, yeah, it’s so weird that we saw that same show. Cool, though. :slight_smile: That was a fantastic show to see.

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It’s crazy that you’re one hour from where I live… lol. Safe travels!

still contemplating purchases on the AFI store…

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Thank you!

And about those purchases:

remember, we are NOT seeing them any time soon, so…

Do with that information what you will. :wink:

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So I’m a little nervous about posting but - whoo! - here goes:

Hi! My name is Kalee. I’ve been an AFI fan since 2001. I first heard them while playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3. The Boy Who Destroyed the World was featured in the soundtrack and my 8 year old self had never heard anything quite like it until then. I was captivated. I would go in and uncheck all the other songs so it would play over and over again. It’s my favorite AFI song to this day.

I’m originally from a tiny town in Arizona, but have since moved to Colorado and California. I just moved to the East Bay and I’m planning on staying here indefinitely. We’ll see about that. I have the tendency not to stay in the same place too long, ha. I have a degree in sound engineering and am currently going to school, majoring in psychology.

I’ve been playing guitar since I was 12. I’ve found it difficult to find people to play with but I do write and record my own music. If you’re interested in listening I can post a link!

Music in general means so much to me, and AFI in particular. I’ve been wanting to connect with like-minded people for a while, so I’m really glad I found this forum! Thanks for starting it.


Hey! Welcome! Oh those Tony Hawk games. I suck royally at video games, but those did entertain me and made babysitting my little bro and his friends a bit more bearable.

Let @STORMS or me know if you have any questions or suggestions. :slight_smile: and again, welcome to the forums!

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