Anyone every have an AFI member “like/comment” one of your posts?

Just wondering if Afi or Any member has liked or commented under a post or video of yours on any of your social media. I have yet to meet them hand to hand . But did anyone else get excited and giddy when they did ? Davey did it this morning to me and I’m straight cheesin! Definitely made my week!


Thats awesome. Ive had hunter and adam like a couple of my posts before. Ive even spoken with hunter alot via ig messages


Oh wow how cool to of had a actual conversation!

Davey has reposted two of my drawings to his IG.


What!!! I must see these drawings !!

Markee I’ve seen him repost your drawings, they’re amazing!!

Just found those drawings on his page ! Super bad a$$

I’ve had Davey, Hunter, and Adam like my IG posts, and I freaked out a little each time


Thanks! Ive done a lot of AFI inspired art! Im always honored when they repost!

Lol no but I do have a funny story involving AFI on social media. Back in like 2007(-ish?) there was a guy on the DF boards who recorded a video of himself in his bedroom singing The Leaving Song Part II passionately into a hairbrush Havok-style, and at one point he got into it so much with the hair tossing and spin kicking and whatnot and flung the hairbrush across the room by accident and broke his desk lamp. Then he just picked it back up and continued with the song. I died laughing but I told him he should send it to Davey and he was like “noooo!!! that would be so embarrassing!” but I kept telling him “DO IT! HE’LL LOVE IT!” and so finally he did and I was right. He told Davey he was too afraid to show him but his friend convinced him otherwise. Davey told him he thought it was brilliant and that he got a good laugh out of it and also for him to “tell his friend hi”.


Just message hunter on instagram hes usually really quick and fast about responding Ill message him ever couple weeks cause I dont want to bombard his dms lol we mostly talk about vegan restaurants and art and tour stuff now Adam the other day dmed me and was my first dm from him and was shocked as fuck cause I just got home from a bad day at work but today went well Davey like my instagram post this morning lol. Every time he does that I end up having a good work day so its pretty good now Jade rarely does social media lol but adam jade and adams wife eirinie are pretty cool about instagram. Its ok to have ur own self fan girl moment even if it happend alot theres some of is it happens weekly and still blows our minds. They are truely amazing people who recognize thier fans who truely appreciate their art im music.


The morning after I got home off

my 17 show blood tour run I actually got woken up by my phone and was pissed cause it kept blowing up and was like what the fuck its not even 7am til I looked at the phone and was like oh well I forgive him :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Have had a couple from Hunter on ig before. May have had one off adam at some point.


I’ve had Hunter like a few posts and he responded to an IG story I made about Hunter Revenge haha.

Back in '09 when Twitter was all the rage (is it still? I stopped using it) Hunter would reply to random posts of mine a lot and dm occasionally. As a 20 year old my inner fan girl would freak out :rofl:


Yes! Davey, Hunter and Adam have liked posts or comments I’ve made on IG and it literally makes my day! These guys know how to treat their fans. Adam’s wife has also like & responded to me and I asked Jade’s wife a question about a tarot deck she posted and she dm’d me back with info. It’s just amazing how they all treat us like equals and don’t behave like they’re better than anyone else. I really appreciate that.


Eirinnie streaming AFI shows is so fun. And her commentary is the absolute best!


I have had Adam and Hunter like a few of my posts on Instagram. They are really nice. And Jade posted my artwork too. That definitely made my day.

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A month ago more or less Hunter uploaded a story of him playing drums. I replied to his story asking if he knew how to play any AFI song on drums. “Of course!”, “That’s cool, can you name a few of them?”, “Nope.”. I thought that was a really dickhead reply and I decided to never message him again.

I got this the other day!


Literarally 2 mins before they got on stage in Phoenix Davey stalked my instagram and liked 3 posts im like dont you have a show to do MR. :joy::joy::joy: