B-Sides and Rare Tracks


Dream of Waking is the b side of AOD. Probably the best track on that album.


A Winter’s Tale is only on the Days of the Phoenix EP and the Nitro Retrospective.

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LOL, it’s definitely one of the best ones. I really enjoyed AOD… I mean, shit, it’s the album I fell for AFI on. :slight_smile:

Also, literally right after I read your reply, I pulled Dream of Waking up on YT. :slight_smile:

Technically @MyFireInsidePod did, :slight_smile: but yeah, I couldn’t think of the name of it.


One thing I love about B-sides in general is that they can be very interesting experiments in their own right and it’s fun to speculate on why they left it off the record. In the case of AFI, generally it seems like their desire to move forward led them to scrap stuff they felt was too played out - Fainting Spells sounds like it could be one of the earliest Sing the Sorrow songs, even with the electronic breakdown. Too Late For Gods could have been a Decemberunderground song, though it’s not foggy enough. The View From Here though seems to defy that explanation as it’s definitely one of the most unique songs in their catalog and epitomizes the experimental spirit they were trying to achieve with Decemberunderground, far more than any other song on that record.

That’s one of the things I’d thought about Sing the Sorrow: It sounds different at first but when it actually comes to the way they were writing the songs, they’re still using a lot of the same chord progressions and arrangement tricks from the last two albums; it’s just tuned half step down, a little slower, and more ambient sounding. The B-sides from that record only seem to support that hypothesis give that away too much; it’s like they thought writing “Synesthesia” and “Reivers Music” (and I guess, to a lesser extent, Now the World, ironically one of their more harmonically complex songs) wasn’t going far enough away from the Art of Drowning sound. Death of Seasons and The Leaving Song are the only songs on that Sing the Sorrow at that classic AFI fast tempo, with parts of Girl’s Not Grey and Bleed Black coming close.
By the way, if Rabbits are Roadkill did end up on Sing the Sorrow like Adam wanted, it might have gone between Girl’s Not Grey and Death of Seasons. Or maybe Dancing Through Sunday and Girl’s Not Grey. Definitely somewhere in the second quarter of the record.


IMO “On the Arrow” is one of their most unique songs. Such a breakout song… it’s so unique that I originally thought it was a cover. Such a beautiful song…


I always forget that On the Arrow exists. It’s weird that some of these songs exist in such a limited format.


Well, to be fair and correct me if I’m wrong, but a SHIT LOAD of B-sides came out around DU, correct? I mean, it seems like it was the mother load of b-sides.


On the Arrow
Head Like a Hole
Don’t Change
Jack the Ripper
Rabbits are Roadkill
Carcinogen Crush
Fallen Like the Sky

Am I missing anything?


I’m a massive fan of Fainting Spell, I actually think it’s better than a handful of the songs that made in on December Underground but it certainly lacks polish and the verse gets a bit repetitive. However the melody and vocal layering in the chorus is beyond perfect for me, it always sends shivers down my spine. Especially when he says Cutting, the light voice crack… with a bit of a touchup it would make it in my top 5 songs by them, but the flaws drag it down quite a bit.


The View from Here
Fainting Spells

These were around DU too, correct?

It’s also funny how these songs almost get more attention one their own than what they might have on an album. Even Adam has mentioned this before in an interview.


From the era, but not released until later. The View From Here still hasn’t been officially released.


Since Synesthesia, Rabbits are Roadkill and Head Like a Hole are all on the UK versions of the albums, I never think of them as B-sides. They’re all just part of the albums to me :blush:, especially Synesthesia. It’s one of my favourites off STS! I can’t understand why they didn’t put it on the US version.


Rabbits is technically a MySpace records release. That was the first disc to have that song.


I thought Head Like A Hole was for a video game though


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Released on some promo CDs for it and I think the soundtrack release, as well as a bonus track on some versions of DU.


I didnt know that! Siiiiiiiick


Aren’t there 2 recordings of HLAH?


Here’s one: The UK version of DU.


EDIT: Nevermind, you meant two different recordings.


Yeah, I meant 2 different recordings. Didn’t they rerecord the song for the DU bonus tracks? I’m trying to remember the whole deal with that.


Yeah, I can’t help with that other than doing research. :frowning: