B-Sides and Rare Tracks


There was an unmastered version that was used on one of the GTA: San Andreas promos. Still haven’t gotten my hands on that yet.


Oh wow, so you’re saying we also need to look out for GTA San Andreas promo discs? Do they exist?


It’s a certain promo CD for AFI’s cover of Head Like a Hole, used to advertise San Andreas. I believe it’s one of these, but I can’t remember which one, if that’s even correct.

I might be wrong and the unmastered version leaked online but never had a physical release. If that’s the case, I’d love to find someone who could share that. I’ve never heard it.

Edit: Is this the unmastered version? The length matches with what I’ve read.


Definitely the unmastered version. Never actually heard it before. Thanks! Like it better than the final. Hope someone has a 320 kbps rip of it.


Cool. I remember hearing an unmastered version, I’d completely forgotten. These are all as per the GTA disc/DU bonus track

The Australian promo is really hard to get hold of. In fact a lot of the aussie ones are hard to get.


How the hell? Where’d you get them, eBay?


Yep pretty much everything is from ebay!


Curious… did you score these from the DU era or more recently? Very nice finds btw.


I got into AFI in 02. I bought STS on release day. I only really got into collecting to get the rare tracks, this was in 06 sometime. Back in the day TDOTP EP was a holy grail! It kinda just escalated from there, and seeing the AFI Series discography which Pablo put together. Almost everything was from 06 onward. My current pre CL haul was 95% collected in like 2 years. I dread to think how much I spent!


You and I have a lot in common then. I got into AFI in '00 and yep, my collecting went crazy. Back then, since I lived with my Mom at the time I spent and spent. On a weekly basis I’ve have multiple packages coming to the house from eBay.

Yeah, back then DOTP EP and the Black Sails EP were gold, but DOTP, probably since it was new and an overall hot item to collect was the holy grail. I have seen Dork’s come and go twice and both times I literally could not afford the cost.


Pretty sure there are a considerably larger amount of Black Sails EPs in existence than DotP ones. Aren’t there only 500 of DotP? I was a pretty diehard fan when that came out and I never got one or was aware of it being easily available for cheap in the US. I’d still like to have one of those someday.

Comparatively, I got the Black Sails EP brand new at a shitty NRM mall music store in Ohio for 3.99.


PS! Another podcast is up this week! We played a little bit of Fallen Like The Sky. I noticed on the podcast there is a HUGE gap between STS and DU, does anyone know why?


You can also find is in itunes or google play


In terms of released albums?
They toured on Sing the Sorrow for a year, then Davey had his vocal surgery, went back out for a bit more after he healed, (the MTV Icon show where they played Just Like Heaven was one of the first (second?) performances since the surgery) then the band spent the next year and a half writing and recording Decemberunderground.
Band accounts mention this was the hardest record for them to make. Would like to hear them clarify but it may have to do with financing the record and the pressure from the label and themselves to top Sing the Sorrow. Also chickens.


I remember the chickens, lol. I’m also pretty sure that was due to A bad batch of songs. So they were forced to start over, which ended up being mostly Blaqk Audio tracks that were turned into AFI tracks.

I guess the timeline makes sense. A year of touring from March 2003 to 2004. MAYBE a 6 months break, then a year and a half of writting. Then we get DU on 06.06.06. Well… im a idiot and Im sorry I asked :joy:


Can anyone confirm for me which ones were made around the time of CL?

Was it just Where We Used to Play :heart_eyes:, Breathing Towers to Heaven, and We’ve Got The Knife? Since people have said Ether was around DU. When was Too Late for Gods?


Too Late for Gods was also Crash Love era.


I’m fairly positive Too Late for Gods was Crash Love


I’ve probably listened to the Crash Love b-sides more than the actual album.


Boy, I love Torch Song but yeah, me too.


@STORMS @StageGhost Thanks!

Were there any b-sides from Burials? Obviously b-sides used to be from singles but when I’ve looked up the singles from Burials, it seems that in this digital age :stuck_out_tongue: they weren’t released separately as a singles as such, rather you could just download them from the album.

Saying that, based on the extra tracks released with CL, any extra tracks from Burials era might be released wih AFI’s next album :laughing: