Black Sails anniversary bundle

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BSITS anniversary bundle >>>> STS anniversary bundle

That patch is cool. The rest is lame and not worth $68.

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Disagree. Everything but the tshirt is cool. I feel like I’ve seen that tshirt or a variation of it plenty of times from some custom tshirt shop on ebay.

Yeah, I’m not normally a fan of album cover tees. Pretty much involves zero effort or imagination. That being said I like the other bits so have ordered. Shame there isn’t a special copy of the album included with the b-sides, but then I guess that would be difficult to do what with rights and such

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@dnlkdwll yes, it looks like a bootleg from ebay :joy:

Into everything else. Can’t decide if I should spend $58 on it though… :thinking:

The flag alone will be worth it down the line. Those things tend to go for a fair bit

The shirt should have had sonething on the back… otherwise, it does just look like a bootleg.

I don’t understand why the patch is B/W but whatever. I bought it.


Wanted he key chain to be tiny ship earrings so bad :smiley: I ordered it.


Since their merch is “moving warehouses,” hopefully we get these bundles in time for the summer tour :sweat_smile:

And also I would love some afi earrings, that would be amazing

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The Keychain is cool

As for the shirt, they could’ve hired me for the design. My SYMAOYE shirt was dope haha.


Agree that the t-shirt could be better…putting just the album cover seems lazy…patch I’m not trilled about…key chain yes! Specially after not being able to use The Missing Man one…and flag is awesome for sure :wink: Anyways…ordered it already…

I don’t mind album art shirts. I have “Art of Drowning” and “Sing the Sorrow” ones (got them at Hot Topic so I’m assuming they’re legit). That being said, I’m not sure if I’m willing to drop $68 on this package. Like, if it came with a special edition of the album (limited vinyl of some kind?) then perhaps, but as it stands I’m unsure - even with the discount.

I really hope they do this for the art of drowning 20th anniversary


The shirt is lame, but I bought the set anyway since I have no self control for merch. Will probably just pack the shirt away to keep it safe. I’m actually kinda exited about the keychain and th e flag :stuck_out_tongue:

For those on the fence this is the individual price breakdown (prior to discount)

The more I think about it, I’m pretty pissed the shirt dosen’t have any kind of “Anniversary” stuff on it like STS. This shirt looks like the original but without AFI, BSITS on the back.

Alkaline Trio did it better



Anybody get shipping notifications on this yet?

Nothing as of yet. When did they say shipping would start? I didn’t pay attention to that bit.