Black Sails Appreciation


So I’ve had Black Sails on heavy rotation lately and realized how much I connect with and appreciate this record. Especially now as an adult vs a teenager.

That catapulted me into nerdiness and I had some stickers printed of the black sails symbol. :nerd_face: I have 10 extra so if anyone would like one, I’m happy to mail them out for free. (Also hope this is ok! Sorry mods if not.)


I would love one, that is beautiful :heart_eyes:


I was going to make a post about this in a few weeks on its 20th(!) birthday. I fucking love this album. It’s my favorite ever written second only to Sing the Sorrow and my love for it has only deepened with time. I’ve been so depressed the past few weeks but I blasted this on the way home from work yesterday and its like an immediate anesthetic/antidepressant. It’s also aged really well, it still sounds just as kickass as it did two decades ago. Little things on this album are really noticeable to me, its raw emotion, how Davey’s voice breaks sometimes like at the end of “Porphyria” and how the whole band’s performance is so balls to the wall, the beautiful harmonies in “Clove Smoke” and “At A Glance”, Jade’s dark and nasty guitar tone, the sheer grit in this album… It has a feeling unto itself, I always get this certain feeling when I listen cover to cover, takes me to a different time and place, it’s sort of a magical experience, really. Fucking timeless classic.


Holy shit forgot it’s turning 20!

This x1000. I’m not good with words. You explained it perfectly. :black_heart:


I could rave about this album for hours, trust me. It still blows my mind that they wrote this in their early twenties. And the lyrics are so incredible, like exactly how I feel all the time, every day of my life, but among the sadness and solitude and fury there’s so much power in his words.


Wow, That’s awesome! I’d love one for my sticker collection! :heart_eyes:


Right!! I’m 25 and I think uhh there’s no way I could produce anything as beautiful and powerful as BSTS at my age…it’s truly crazy to think that they did this so young.


@Nick210 pm me your address and I can send one your way!


Black Sails is my favorite AFI album, hands down. When i’m Really stressed it always halps me. Clove Smoke Catharsis and God Called in sick today are two of my all time faves.


I would love one. That’s awesome.


I’ve been in a bit of Black sails mood recently. Definitely doesn’t get the love it deserves outside of the fanbase


@Acidpickle pm me your address and I’ll send one out!


I always kid myself into thinking I can just listen to Porphyria or Narrative or whatever. Nope, hang on, don’t bother me, I’ll be back in an hour. :joy:


Listening to Black Sails right now :slight_smile:


I was listening on my drive to work tonight. Again. :joy:


Appreciation for the black sails ep and this song that should’ve made it on the lp


Who Knew is so good. Personally I think it should have been the hidden song on the LP instead of Midnight Sun (although I love that too). One of my favorite B-sides, honestly. Love his clean voice here, sounds great.


But the hidden Baudelaire poem in midnight sun!!

“O my sole love, I pray thee pity me
From out this dark gulf where my poor heart lies
A barren world hemmed in by leaden skies
Where horror flies at night, and blasphemy.

For half the year the sickly sun is seen,
The other half thick night lies on the land,
A country bleaker than the polar strand;
No beasts, no brooks, nor any shred of green.

There never was a horror which surpassed
This icy sun’s cold cruelty, and this vast
Night like primæval Chaos; would I were

Like the dumb brutes, who in a secret lair
Lie wrapt in stupid slumber for a space. . . .
The time creeps at so burdensome a pace.”


I love Baudelaire. I actually had no idea who he was until I first heard this album and looked him up. De profundis clamavi is my favorite poem of his. As much as like Poe, he’s got nothing on Baudelaire’s existentialism haha.


Jade knows🙏