Blaqk Audio: Next record update, "the new record is quite different"

Some new information about Davey Havok & Jade Puget’s next Blaqk Audio record has recently surfaced. Below, you will find a tweet from AFINewsHQ and an image they put together with the main chunks of information to get you excited for the new music.


Can not wait for this album to come out!


Awesome! :smiley: Not really a big fan of Blaqk Audio but hey…it’s Davey and Jade…

Super excited for this release!What I would do to hear those demos and bsides there’s at least 100 B.A. songs and at least 200 AFI songs as they mentioned in the past they had 60 plus songs prior to going in the studio.One day perhaps we’ll get a release of some unheard material.

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