EDIT: Please read AFI’s statement in the link below before purchasing these!

UPDATE: Preorder for the Dork repess is open! Click here to reorder the repressed 7"!

Thanks to @_tonibell for the heads up on this. Evidently, just like the represses of “Behind the Times” from '93 and “Eddie Picnic’s All Wet” from Atom Age Industries… they are moving forward (or backward?) to repressing the Dork EP 7". Preorder starts this Friday, 06.30 on Atom Age Industries site.

This will either serve as a slight relief for those of us who do not have the real “Dork EP” or it will further the reality gap of “I’ll likely never have the real thing”. Either way, this is cool and I plan to buy it.

As far as versions, I would not doubt that there will be limited versions… so yeah, heads up. Thanks again @_tonibell !

Credit: https://www.instagram.com/afi_vinyl/


Glad I could be of service. :wink:


Geoff doesn’t really do Twitter anymore as far as I know. He’s active on Instagram and Facebook every so often. I’ll message you the links :slight_smile:


Oh wow, I was not aware of this! Thanks for the tip! I just placed orders for this and “Behind the Times.” This will get me that much closer to completing my AFI song collection. I’ve been on a mission to fill in all the (increasingly few) gaps. I made it a rule that I would only count music I’d paid for, no illegitimate downloads or anything, and only officially-released songs.

After I get these, all I’ll be missing is a couple covers and a scant few demos, most of which are more-or-less easily obtained. I’m planning to write a book reviewing every officially-released song in AFI’s history, so I need a complete collection.


I love this.

Yeah, as for the songs that are here and there… I feel I’m most behind with Crash Love. I love Ether but that is apparently on the Nascar soundtrack and a few other places?

I don’t miss the feeling of, “Wow, there’s a lot to keep up with”.

You can also get “Ether” on the Japanese version of the CL album! That’s how I got mine. Such a great song.


GASPS… goes to eBay

I didn’t know that - thanks!

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First post updated with new thread link - make sure you read the statement!

Hmmmmmmmm… well, that sucks.

I had assumed everything was kosher about these repressings. Now I have conflicted feelings. On the one hand, I understand AFI’s wishes. On the other hand, the literal only other viable option to get all these songs is by piracy. It’s simply not economically feasible to get the original releases for most fans. If I were AFI, I’d at least try to release the songs digitally as a compromise instead of keeping them artificially rare.


I hear you… I actually have the Eddie Picnic’s records (re-issue) and am tempted to just throw them away. I feel like I was tricked into betraying AFI.

Are the songs on iTunes or no?

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I don’t think they were on iTunes. A lot of AFI’s material is not on iTunes, actually, which is sad.

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Well, it seems like they do like their music (certain songs) to remain rare. For example, I bought the Japanese version of Crash Love just for Ether, lol.

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I have the medicate 7 inches and Ether is on one of those I believe. Love that song either way.

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No shipping notifications yet? I didn’t get an email about any delays.

Noticed the other day they made no mention of having the vinyl or shipping it out. Probably safe to say it’s delayed.

I’d have hoped he’d learned after Eddie Picnic got delayed 6 months.

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Just got this back when I emailed them.

They said should be out around thanksgiving. :turkey:

So thanksgiving 2018?

Yes, I think that’s a realistic time frame. Lol!!

Now I’m honestly hoping for a copy with “DELAYED” on the cover. The real reason why it took 3 weeks to announce a delay was all the time they spend making graphics for the delay announcement.