Alright so we have approved test pressings and finished sleeves. Probably just waiting on the actual vinyl now.


Just got a shipping notice email for this.


Really hope someone rips the repressing. I did it for Eddie Picnics and Behind The Times which I bought.


I wonder if the test pressings will be available


Is there anyone in the Bellflower area that would be willing to pick up an extra copy of the /100 variant?


Same for me please. Of course immediate payment before you send it (or maybe a trade). I keep being ripped off on the shop only versions. As a long term fan who just wants new releases, that’s a bit of a crap situation really!


Anyone on this board live near the shop? You just buy them out and sell them to us fans on here.


Anyone actually know if they are doing an exclusive this time? I’d assume so, but haven’t heard confirmation yet.

I’d always hoped they would have used this as the exclusive cover:

Geoff had briefly joked about it a while back.


Even though I already ordered these way back, I’m still on the fence about them since AFI doesn’t support these sales. It feels weird…




I also would be will to compensate for an in store version. They actually had some orange Behind The Times for sale a month back on their website and I bought the last 2 they had.


What do you guys think is the special gift people that PO’d are getting?


Atom Age Industries confirmed in-store exclusive variant /100 on Instagram yesterday.


I guess you’re seeing this stuff on instagram?


Probably a “limited edition” set of pins or something.


Yes, I just checked and that’s were these “teaser” pics were posted.



And yes they confirmed that they are sending out pins.


So, how do you get the blue vinyl and the pins? Preorder?


If you pre ordered it b4 October they will send you a set. And the blue vinyl are the online pre ordered.
The in stores vinyl is the black vinyl