I preordered a few right when it opened so I’ll get the blue?


“Over three exciting songs!” Hilarious. So dumb.

One of you OG Dork owners, can you confirm the sequence on the original record? Is it Red Hat / Self Pity / Nyquil? That’s the order that appears on the label, but I feel like I’ve seen conflicting info on that over the years (for example, the various discogs entries don’t all have the same order at the moment) , and it looks like that order got changed up for this release.


That is the correct running order.


Where are your other 15 copies Miguel?


Damn, I’m really counting on someone here to hook me up with an in-store copy. Who lives near the store?

Also, if anything is ever D.C. based, I’ll return the favor but that seems unlikely.


According to you on eBay


@insectpins you should be nicer to @Mike_txaxnxd lol. He’s probably the only one near the shop.


What do I care? Either way I’ll have to win an eBay auction.


What do you think flippers will be pricing this at?


@Mike_txaxnxd, what were you planning on pricing these at?


This is quickly becoming my favorite thread


same here, i won’t be driving to CA from NY for these lol, and I have zero connections in CA. @insectpins @dnlkdwll @Acidpickle @4ibanez let’s make sure we don’t bid against each other, there is no need for us to over inflate the price once these hit eBay.


I’m just gonna suck up to @Mike_txaxnxd a little more in hopes of skipping the bidding wars all together. We’re friends, right?


Yo @Mike_txaxnxd, when are you gonna hold another fake giveaway on your afi_collector instagram?


Hey, be nicer to my bff @Mike_txaxnxd


Only if he scalps me the in store variant.


In defense of my new bff, he was kind enough to pick me up a EPAW store only variant last year.


I do live 15 min from shop just busy at work


It wasn’t fake plus the winner is on here u can always ask him. And the only reason I did a giveaway was cause i was given them.


Shit guys, I don’t think he’s going to buy us any.