And blaming it on you @insectpins for changing his mind??? lolwut



I think this whole situation has gotten stupid.

Also, these forums are meant to reconnect us all as AFI fans. If anyone has no intention of respecting that and each other, you’re not welcome here. Please…


Sorry Storms, that’ll be the last you hear from me about the subject.


Everyone just needs to lighten up. Why are we taking everything so personal? It was some light ribbing at most that was meant as jokes.

Honestly this whole thing has been fucking stupid before the thread devolved into childishness. AAI’s practices are frustrating as fuck for a collector. First off, they have no right to claim that these releases aren’t cash grabs and are a way of getting fans copies of rare records. If that was the case, then why charge $15 for a 7" record. (Seriously, 7" are inexpensive to make.) Also, why make a limited edition variant that is only exclusive and readily available to fans in one location. The only thing a variant like that is for is to encourage flipping. Alienating the fans you claimed that these releases were made for. I hope these are the last of the reissues and AAI are done with milking the AFI fan base for a profit. Real tired of retailers in general for milking this so called “vinyl trend” and repressing OOP records to sell at a markup.


@dnlkdwll, I don’t necessarily disagree with what you’ve said, but I am kind of curious, why legitimize the store-only version of this release? I mean, if people are writing these off as semi-bootleg anyway since they aren’t approved by the band, then aren’t they just a step above something like the goofy Russian picture flexi singles?

I gave up on trying to collect every version of every AFI release way back when Nitro started repressing all of those albums on a zillion different colors, but I am impressed by you guys who have kept it up. However, something like the store-only version of an unofficial-ish release seems pretty discretionary when deciding if you have a complete collection or not.

Don’t get me wrong, I still bought this just to have, and I don’t feel bad about it. Geoff wrote songs that have provided me a lot of enjoyment over the years, so I don’t mind throwing him a few bucks. I’ve given AFI A TON of money and support and will continue to do so. They can look the other way for me on this one. Ha.


I never said these were semi-bootleg because they aren’t so I don’t necessarily see the comparison to those flexis that are pretty worthless. The band doesn’t/didn’t approve of majority of the Nitro represses but that doesn’t make those releases any less valid.
The band had a major suck attack when they released that statement (which might not have been 100% truthful on their end.) It was petty af. As far as we know, the band (at least the members during the time of the original dork release) actually were paid for the previous releases.


Ah, didn’t know you felt that strongly against the band’s statement. In that case, yeah, my flexi comparison doesn’t work.

Miguel, send this dude one of those damn records. :money_mouth:


I agree the band was shitty about this. Where’s the statement against RP of All Hallows (that’s an old rarity)? NewsHQ still post about these re-releases, but not GK’s ones. They told me they take their cues from management, who are clearly spouting hypocracy in this case.

Although I’m not massively invested in the AAI releases, they are still alright to have as a collector.


The statement from AFI was unfortunate. Don’t they always say that the more people with access to their music the merrier? The statement seemed that their problem was that they were not getting paid, which is so lame. I mean, I do understand that they play music for a living, but it’s not that Geoff is going to be rich from these releases, and that they’re gonna lose a lot of money from that. Geoff is/was their friend, and hey, what’s the harm on letting your friend get a few bucks to support himself?

With the represses, a lot of fans will have access to long out print releases that go for ridiculous prices on eBay.

What would happen if the band decided to do the represses themselves? A large extent of the fan base would be okay with that, but we won’t know if Geoff and Mark will be paid their royalties. In the end, Geoff is the owner of KLP records, and whether the fan base likes it or not, he’s entitled to do as he pleases with the releases.

Now that the relation between Geoff and AFI is not at its highest, I hope that Geoff will put unreleased music out there.

Lastly, I don’t know if people at AFI News HQ are now paid by management, but they surely sold out in order to get free tickets and backstage passes for their shows. I can’t blame them though.


Already a /100 on ebay. They don’t ship to the UK so that’s me out. I think we should do as @Snobgrass said and form an orderly queue!


I can’t bid on anything right now so I’m out too for this one. After the holidays.


Yeah I’m passing also. The first few copies are bound to be sold for overinflated prices because everyone’s excited to get one. Also, I’m a bit soured on this release after yesterday’s bullshit and don’t feel like battling in auctions. I’ll probably go after it in a few months if no one is kind enough to pick one up for users on here. I’d rather spend money building other parts of my collection right now.


Granted, I preordered 4 Dork represses, but I also do NOT own a Dork, so in a sense I’m going to feel either a little closer or even further away with these. How these are being marketed (and now on eBay) is shit though and I’m not having any part of it.

What’s AAI btw?

Those Nitro releases were ridiculous, but yeah, I tried to keep up with them as much as possible. However, they did only charge $10 per vinyl.

Yep. I just saw: I’m not bidding.


Atom Age Industries, I believe.


This just arrived. Impressions on the first spin:

+This is definitely the best sounding version of Dork I’ve heard (as it should be). To put this in perspective, the ways I have generally listened to these songs have been:

  1. a cassette recording I’ve had since like 1999
  2. youtube rips
    …so maybe that’s not saying that much. Still, new respect for these songs and high school age AFI.

+Cool splattery vinyl, nice and thick.

+/-Doesn’t contain the original thank you list (which admittedly is a product of its time and might feel kind of silly in a 2017 reissue). The cover pretty economically includes everything else interesting from the original without an insert though.

-Mini Trucks Suck is still kind of a shitty song. Ha.

-Back cover incorrectly swaps Self Pity and Mini Trucks Suck. GOB Bluth-style “COME ON!” to that.


The reason why it sounds better is because these versions are actually different than the original pressing. This pressings is actually the 1994 planned repress that never came to light. The bass and some of the mixing was redone and it gives the tracks a bit more punch.


Ah, yeah, that makes sense. I wondered if that was the case since it’s got a © 1994 on the label in addition to mentioning 1992 and 1993 on the back cover.


Did anyone get the “special and exclusive gift” with their order?


No special and exclusive gift that I can see, unless that was referring to the vinyl color. I ordered as soon as preorders went up also, so not sure what the deal with that is.


…anyone with a rip yet?