Nope and just like @LordOfTheLeftHand I ordered them as soon as they were available.

Still sad this isn’t me with an actual Dork… :frowning: lol


Bummer the bonus gift appears to be a color variant that they definitely intended on doing from the start.

Excited to hear the new mixes though. Wasn’t expecting that.


I’d really appreciate if someone could send me a 320kbps rip of this.


Sorry, I don’t even have a record player. I used to but don’t anymore. All of my records are for collecting.


It sold for $41. I’m glad they weren’t able to flip it for too much.


What’s going on in California for these I’m in the SF bay area I will gladly be of help if not nothing crazy.I’ve been out the loop working insane hours.


In-store only variant at the Atom Age Industries shop in Bellflower.

Would gladly pay for a copy.


Same here. Please bag me an instore variant if you get the chance.

In another note, my cyan copy that I ordered frickin ages ago (the day pre-orders started) only shipped today… fml


Just buy everyone a copy. You’ll recoup your money asap.


OK guys,I was able to arrange something tentatively throughsomeone(friend of a friend of a friend) in the area near bellflower,I don’t have a foreal sure yes but I’m working on it.I offered a gig to.go in store and buy copies for us to have,who all wants one,cover shipping and we all throw the dude maybe 5bucks for gas on each copy,I’m also posting a gig on Craigslist for someone in that area to pick up a few in store copies,I’d pay 20 for his troubles,if I make this happen I’ll put up all upfront money but who.for real wants one if I can get this to happen.I preordered but would love an instore.


FYI I didn’t post what record it was on the Craigslist just to.make sure no one gets an idea there worth tons and buys them all


I’ll throw in for a copy.


Me too. Good work dude!!


@Ksf145 are we sure there are still some available? We are talking the ones limited to store purchase only, right?


I’m at work I have 4 people willing to go.can someone call to make sure they have copies


It’s atom.age industries in bellflower correct?I was gonna have us each throw the dude 5 bucks so collectively he gets $20 for his troubles,is that cool?


Correct. That works for me.


Ill also pitch in for a copy if it’s not any trouble. I do not have their number and I’m at work atm as well.


OK so I got me,pins,ibanez for sure in,what about snobgrass and storms?I still have to call or someone call to see if the store still has copies im.doing this inder.my bosses nose lol


If the offer is still open I’m in need as well. I couldn’t find a flight cheep enough from NY to CA to justy it. I’ll throw in whatever is needed. Let me know.