LOL I knew you’d pop up snobgrass I had you covered regardless.just waiting on verification if they still have them in store before I send the guy over


I got everyone so far just waiting on the verification


Appreciate it my Friend.


Called twice, they didn’t pick up. I’ll try again in a bit.


5629201919 I had no luck left a message


Am I too late? You guys are quick.


Your good,I got 10 people willinget to go just need atom.age to pick up and see if they have stock


And we wait…good news is I have 18 people in bellflower willing to go


Where did you find so many people?


Posted ad on Craigslist,just saying need a record or a fewpicked up then shipped,I didn’t say what record,seriously atom age hasn’t picked up or returned my message.This sucks I can’t tell the person’s to go to the store then I’ll have to pay him if they don’t have it.I wonder if I should gamble and send the guy over now if he can and if they have it then we’re in luck if they don’t I’m out $20.Its for the good of the community,I’ll send him


I’d gladly send you some $ even if it’s a wasted trip.


Thanks snobgrass,I’m offering dude $20 to drive down there and grab the records,then we all pay shipping.I ll have him ship it to me then I’ll ship them to everyone individually as I doubt he would do and pay all the shipping and mail out individually that just seems hairy.I’ll pay him 20 to get the 6-7 copies and I’ll pay it well worry about payment later.I’m guessing these are 14.99 does anyone know?


Yelp says their customer service is horrible,should I send him now eventhough none of us got callbacks or try again tomorrow,what do you guys think?I’m in favor of sending someone now and hoping for the best


Thats my vote, send him and see.


I have two willing to go tomorrow 11am,the others went to voice-mail or no answered me I’m going to keep trying


I’m trying my best guys I’ll make it happen


Best so far is a bellflower resident who will go tomorrow @11am.I had a few others willing but they only wanted money orders.PayPal is the safest way to go


Awesome dude. You’re the man.


Thanks pins,I was hoping I didn’t let the group down,the hold.up is the majority of people want the full amount upfront through money order,or they simply haven’t got back to me. The ones that did and complied are able to do so tomorrow morning.thanks again guys for being cool I’ll make this happen


FYI - This is a service I offer

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