Despair Faction Bundles & Signups are BACK! (UPDATE: Sign-ups now closed!)

Hey! I’m at work, so I can’t really make this a whole linked up post, but on the AFI store, the Despair Faction bundles are back up, including the card (which is great for people like me who lost their cards to a flood.)

Anyway, it was tricky to find when I went up; it wasn’t listed on the main store site. I searched for Despair Faction and found it.

It goes for $64.99 and includes a shirt, hat, flag, card, and access to the Despair Faction.

Hope this helps people!

The Despair Faction has been the heartbeat of the AFI fan community since Spring 2002. Always more than simply a “fan club”, the DF has grown and evolved over the years; its membership has developed and expanded to create its own distinct culture. What originally started within AFI’s orbit now extends well beyond. It has been a joy to watch our fanbase, powered by a shared interest in all things AFI, become the tight-knit community it is today.
A new member registration window is now open, and with it, an opportunity to join the ranks of The Despair Faction. For current members, this is a window to recruit individuals you feel would be valuable additions. This enrollment window will be brief, however, so please spread the word and then stay tuned for details.
Fifteen years of the DF are behind us, and AFI is now looking towards the future. We are excited to see where we can take the Despair Faction and where the Despair Faction will take us.


Click here to check it out!

Or click here:



I edited your post to not include the code, since it’s for DF only. I appreciate the thought though - you understand. :slight_smile:

For everyone else, be sure to check your “All Mail” folder.

EDIT: Just ordered mine! :slight_smile:


Ok, I’m about to ask a controversial question…

How worth it is it these days to be part of the DF, especially if you don’t live in the US?
And also since I don’t particularly care for the T-shirt, hat or flag! :speak_no_evil:


Truthfully, this package isn’t the best. I do not wear hats. I don’t know what I’ll do with the flag other than try to get it signed. The shirt is at least different from the Tour DF shirt (the DF tour shirt is better).

I bought it because I feel I have that obligation to AFI and the DF. I’ve been a member ever since we voted on what to name the fan club back in '00 or '01.

My wife actually gave the package a look and didn’t like it at all… but again, I bought it.

It’s worth it to me. For someone else… okay, I have to be very honest and say “Why the fuck did it take them this long to release the Blood DF package?”. I mean, they’re done touring… it’s just weird. They should have released this way sooner. With that said, you WILL receive DF email updates, so that alone is very worth it IMO. You get exclusive offers, chances for future Meet & Greets… AND you don’t know when they will open membership up again.

I say, go for it.

EDIT: BUT, do NOT feel obligated to do so if you don’t want to. You’re not going to be looked at any differently on here. So, no worries! :wink:

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You’re not purchasing this bundle to become a member of the Despair Faction because the Despair Faction doesn’t exist anymore. I don’t care what that email says. The DF is dead. Reading that email I could only think why not just call this what it is, a merch bundle. You’re overpaying for a bunch of cheap merch.

And of course I bought it (with the coupon) because AFI


I don’t know to be honest. I mean, I’ve been a member since I was a kid, but it never really did anything for me. And, to be honest, it never created a community for me. Again, I was too young and everyone was so intimidating. But there’s the exclusive tour merch. I don’t know why they’re doing this now; maybe they’re planning something. Who knows?

Thanks for the opinions.

Is the statement new or just a re-hash of an older statement? It sounds promising…
I reckon it will go accordng to Sod’s Law :laughing:…if i buy it, it may be disappointing and if I don’t, I’ll end up missing out on something I later regret. If only it were the good old days of getting nearly $2 to the pound.:sweat:
I’m going to research what European members have got in terms of opportunities in the past :eyes:

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You guys don’t even get proper tours anymore

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A girl can dream Daniel! A girl can dream! :sob::sob::sob::pray:

If they don’t do a headline tour next album though…:rage:

Other than the occasional meet and greet, not found much for the UK DF-ers. Did find lots of talk from the ‘golden era’ of DF though. Makes me wish I had been a part of it then :broken_heart:.

Edit: I should really read the main fb page posts before posting on here! Since I don’t care for the merch, just decided to ‘join’ using the free option provided on the link there. It may just be a mailing list and nothing more but ah, well, can always hope for (but not expect) more.

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I don’t disagree with you, because I believe you make good points. If the DF site was still up, it’d be more believable (and THIS forum wouldn’t have much of a purpose anymore.

I DO believe it would be MUCH better if the hat and the flag had the same print as the shirt, “AFI Despair Faction”.

Back when they did the bigger Meet & Greets (2003), I got in and was able to get items signed by the whole band. I doi believe they could do a lot more. Hell, even if they posted on here… not gonna happen, they’re too busy for forums.

I think possibly their biggest mistake was taking away the forums, again, hence THESE FORUMS.

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When your 13 and don’t have 65 dollars and DF is open again…
:rage::sob: I’m legit crying rn

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I don’t know when sign-ups were open last, but it will happen again, so don’t be too upset about it.

Plus, AFI just ended touring… unless they have something special up their sleeves… them opening DF again NOW makes no sense to me.

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yeah to me it would’ve made more sense if it was in the beginning or middle-ish part of their tour

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So… I’ve literally had this sitting on my screen as a pending post for weeks after I wrote it, because I was hesitant as to how it may be received. I wish now, that I had posted it, so fuck it I’m just gonna put it as a post in here.

"I have never been a part of the DF. I’m really sad about that. Not because I’m upset it’s exclusive or because it comes with extra benefits. I’m sad because when I discovered AFI, I was 13 years old and I wasn’t allowed to have my own computer, or supportive guardians who would pay for random rock band things or take me to concerts. I was just born a little too late for that DF lifetime membership perk.

But I did get a little peek at the DF forums sometimes, while it was up. I’ve heard about some cool merch/experiences. It seems pretty sweet. But the DF is not “open enrollment” as it were. You can only “buy in” when the window opens. Which seems random and poorly advertised at this point. Feels like insurance in America lol.

I do not doubt that the band has their own reasons for this (Miss Murder Girls, at times rabid or declining fanbase), but it seems a shame to put up a wall to those who would be willing to climb it to be part of that community.

Maybe I’m out of the loop and missing something, so if I am, set me straight! But if feels like the chances to becomes a DF member have declined, the hurdles to jump greater, and the rewards offered smaller. I wish I could have been a part of the glory days, but that’s life.

Is there any experience you’d like to share about the DF from haydays til now? I put this in afi everything because this isn’t for those just in the DF, but about the evolution of the df. Just move if appropriate!"

Lmao. Anyways I was super excited about this. I’m about to move to Germany within the next month tho so idk how much advantage it’ll bring but I’ve always wanted this.


I feel taking the forums away was the big mistake. It was a place for all fans to gather in one official central location.

Joining the DF goes without saying to me, but I am still puzzled on the lateness on the opening of the DF. Even the package isn’t the best. On a positive note, the two AFI shows I went to were absolutely amazing.

I guess you could say my goal at this point are that these forums become a central location for all AFI / DF members.

@SacrificeTheory you’re not wrong to think that btw.

@_tonibell @Snobgrass @dnlkdwll @Acidpickle @insectpins

I just paid a few bucks to promote our Facebook post of this, so hopefully it lets us grow a little. I didn’t spend too much considering I pay monthly to keep these forums running, but still, hopefully it gets us a little extra attention.

You can see the post here:


I’m just seeing this now.

@Sugar_and_Ice Do what you want to do, don’t let me tell you different, but if you’re still on the fence, I personally do not think it’s worth it. The Despair Faction is really nothing more than a glorified rewards/loyalty program, compared to what it used to be. At least this is what I’d gathered via my observations and talking to other people who were in the DF back in old days. I balked at the price tag of that bundle. And as others have said, I find it really odd they didn’t at least try to offer this six months ago. I personally don’t think they have anything up their sleeve as far as new plans or cool new perks. I see it as a sales gimmick now. And the fact that the forums are gone too? I really think they should be ashamed of themselves for using what used to be a very unique, rather intimate community as a marketing and promotional tool, and then to price gouge on top of that…

Disagree with me if you will, but I call a spade a spade.


No disagreement here. A sales gimmick is exactly what this is.