Despair Faction History & Packages Archive (WIP)


@dnlkdwll I finally found a photo of the Burials Despair Faction Package

I updated the first post.


I really like that whole package. I don’t ever remember seeing it :disappointed:


I got my Burials DF poster today (via ebay). I already framed it. :slight_smile: @dnlkdwll

I will be on the lookout for the other items now too.


I forgot to post a pic of the poster earlier. It’s been on my wall for a few years now.


IMO this is their best DF poster. I actually like that it’s smaller.

I did have the first three posters, but back then I didn’t think to frame them… I tacked them on the wall. I have no idea where they’ve gotten to over the years, which sucks but it’s whatever.


I got excited, then saw they were all out of stock.

I do have this package, but this would be sweet for anyone who didn’t.


So, apparently, you can order the poster from the “Raven DF Package” here:

It’s a super-strange site.


Here’s both issues of Under The Rose, I’m guessing there was only ever 2 -


This is the photo of my DF Membership Pack that I put on Instagram so I can confirm that yes, this is the first bundle. :+1:t3:


I would be hesitant to use that site. That About Us page makes it sound as if they print everything themselves. And nowhere does it say where the company is located but my guess is Asia.


Thanks! I’ll update the first post with these. :slight_smile:

Agreed. It’s pretty weird that out of all things they have on their, they would have a random poster for a band’s fanclub.


Also Nick, help me out… if my memory serves… it was:

  1. Demon Boy
  2. Raven
  3. Owl
  4. (any in between the Owl and Burials???)

It’s hard to believe there were any other packages.

EDIT: Also this is incorrect (via wiki) how the DF was named.

  • The official AFI fan club, the Despair Faction, gets its name from the song “The Despair Factor.” It contains perks such as exclusive merchandise, a free digital magazine, and a message board community. The Despair Faction was named via fan voting. The fan club was created in the Spring oif 2002 and the official AFI site took fan submissions on names. One luck winner, I believe it was a male, won with the name, “The Despair Faction”.


Yeah I believe that’s right.

Just found this in the 2nd UTR -


I meant HOW it was named. I know Wikipedia is wrong because I remember when they were doing this whole process online. I updated the first post with the most accurate knowledge I have from memory.

I will embarrassingly say what name I submitted back then… it sucked: “Fall of the Fans”, which I meant that like “Season of the Fans”. My name was terrible, lol.


Another one for the DF collection -


I HAD THIS!!! :frowning:

Wow, I totally forgot about this until now. I have no idea where mine would be but it might be buried somewhere at my Mother-in-Law’s.

Is this a photo of yours??? It’s in GREAT condition!!!

Thanks for posting this!!!

EDIT: Help me out here… this was purchased via the DF exclusive merch site wasn’t it? I swear that’s where I ordered mine…


@Nick210 @_tonibell

I FOUND IT!!! :smile:

It was at my Mother in laws, in a closet! I haven’t worn or seen this hoodie in almost 10 years!!! :smile:


Yes! So happy for you! That’s an amazing piece to have.


It was honestly a surreal moment. My sister and I were rooting through some storage in the basement, where she did find a lot of my STS buttons (although they were both rusty and a little moldy :frowning: I’m still keeping them though).

Then I decided to check one of the closets upstairs. There was a hoodie like jacket right there in front of me… I turned it a bit and saw the DF logo… holy shit, it felt like Xmas, lol.

Also, I’m going to pick your brains @_tonibell @Nick210 @Snobgrass @Acidpickle @dnlkdwll @Brittany @totalimmortal @drew @Sugar_and_Ice @Glenn @insectpins @Cher_I_Despair @4ibanez

What all merch items were available in the Despair Faction store back in '03? Thanks to @Nick210 and my memory, we know that there was a separate Despair Faction shirt and Despair Faction hoodie that was available, but what else was available? I could have sworn I ordered everything possible for the Despair Faction back in the day… but was there anything else?


I know when I had limited funds I bought (and still own that DF hoody). I also ordered a number of things but cannot for the life of me remember what else was on there. I know I bought my friend the Death Of Seasons shirt, cause he wore it to school and got in trouble for the angsty swearing on the back of the shirt. I may or may not have boughten other clothes from there at the time.