Despair Faction History & Packages Archive (WIP)


Ah yes, I have this shirt too. “I disintegrate” on the front with “This Hate Is Fucking Real” on the back. I could have sworn I got that shirt when I saw AFI in '03, so maybe that had a few items that they sold on tour also in the merch store.

@_tonibell if you need this DF shirt again, it’s cheap:


Just got it! Thanks, @STORMS!


And that’s AMAZING. That pretty much is Christmas. LOL. I never find anything in those old closets except for old, embarrassing outfits from when I was 5.


Awesome! I’m happy to have helped!

Yeah, that makes about 3 times now where I surprised myself with how well I took card of my AFI items back then. First was the Nephilim necklace, now I find the DF hoodie. That really was like XMas morning because I honestly had no idea where it could be. I even asked my Mom if she remembered seeing it and she never even knew I had it.

With @Nick210 posting about his, it makes me wonder who even has that hoodie anymore. Hell, it’s 17 years ago.

Now, it I could just find my first issue of Under the Rose and my DF posters from both the first package and the Owl package.

EDIT : here the poster from the Raven package. I’ll update the OP.


That death of seasons shirt sounds amazing does anyone have a picture?


Here’s photos of mine:


I loved that shirt,it was available on the STS tour the first leg,I bought mine the second show on that tour in June of 03,awesome shirt.I remember the Miseria Cantare shirt was in the DF store at one point it was a arm with a knife through it I’ll post pics later just wanted to add these I found



I can’t remember if I asked this question or not, but was there any other packages after…

The first one w/ (1) the devil boy, (2) Raven, then (3) Owl… was there any more after that before the (4) Burials package?

@Nick210 @dnlkdwll @_tonibell

There weren’t any during DU, so was there any during Crash Love? Again, I fell out of the online side of things from DU on.


I don’t think there was one for Crash Love, but I was really sick at the time, so my memory could be faulty. But I personally don’t remember one/don’t have anything like that from that era.


The owl was during DU. Nothing until Burials and now there’s the Blood package.


Holy shit, you’re helping my memory here… thank you! Okay, so that Owl package WAS the 3rd package… I thought so.

You know what… another interesting observation is that fact that the Blood Despair Faction package is the first and only Despair Faction package to be tied to an album. The Owl theme, much like the Raven theme were not tied to any album… nor was the first package.

EDIT: I might make another video talking about this… regardless if it’s boring to watch… lol.


The Burials package was tied to the album


Wow, thanks for being my brain there. Okay yes, very true… it’s just interesting to see how the packages changed over the years.

So, you have to wonder… will each album come a new DF package now? It makes me wonder what caused them not to release a package during Crash Love… fan response?


@dnlkdwll so you remember what limited poster it was? Also, what was the difference between the cards?

I do like how you could purchase items individually rather than having to buy it all.


No I don’t remember the poster


What about the card differences?


There is only 1 card. You could have paid $5 for the physical card and DF status or just $1 for access to the forums and other DF content for a year.


Thanks for the info! I’m still pissed that I missed this but whatever. If you ever see Burials DF stuff on ebay please tag me. :slight_smile:

Also, I found the photo of the original DF package. :slight_smile:

See the updated post.


I finally got it to load:

Ring any bells? I was expecting something else… seems quite plain, but I do recall seeing this poster before.