Despair Faction History & Packages Archive (WIP)


I don’t remember that at all. It doesn’t look special so I can see why past me would’ve skipped on purchasing.


Wow, I am so proud of what I’ve been able to find and add. From details of CONFIRMING the years in which packages were available and ALL PHOTOS OF ALL PACKAGES!


You should be proud. You put in the work and it shows.


Thank you, sir. That means a ton to me. :slight_smile:

By the time I’m done (WIP) I’m aiming for this thread to be a “from the ground up” education for any new AFI fan or any fan that dropped out for any X amount of years.

I love the DF. :slight_smile:


@dnlkdwll @Nick210

Wow, I was able to get a screenshot of the ENTIRE DF store from late 2005 that includes the DF hoodie, shirt nd so much more… (you probably have to download it to view the whole thing)


I still have mine!


@ZoeAimee @Ariel.Allen if either of you have anything else DF that is not listed in this archivbe, please share! :slight_smile:


Archive has been updated with most recent DF package details.


Anyone know if the 2nd DF bundle had Tennessee River brand tags? My original DF shirt isn’t a Cinderblock brand shirt is why I ask.


Sorry… I’m the only one posting in here lately. Sorry to keep double-posting.

Anyway, another thing I’ve noticed is that “The” has been removing from “The Despair Faction” over the years. For the Burials era, the merch just had “Despair Faction” while the card kept “The Despair Faction”. The Blood bundle and Missing Woman bundle have finally dropped “The” from the wording.

I love the DF. :smiley:


Can one of you confirm this to be the box that the Burials package was sent in? I JUST stumbled upon this… I’ve never seen this box before… and I want it. :frowning:

@Nick210 @dnlkdwll @Acidpickle


Not who you tagged, but this is what my package was sent in. I’ve still got it somewhere at my dad’s house. If I remember correctly the shipping label was stuck on the other side. I can try to find it and take some pictures next time I visit my dad.


Wow… so, why the fuck can’t Artist Arena do this for us in the AFI store??? (rhetorical question)

Damn, I need this, well hell, I basically need this whole bundle.

Thank you @PaperBirds !!! I’ll update the archive! :slight_smile:

BTW if anyone has this box and wouldn’t mind letting it go, let me know! :slight_smile:


I only had the Raven package cause I was a poor child who had to send money orders when I was 13 to pay for something.