Despair Faction History & Packages Archive (WIP)

Soooo sick… that is essentially the full bundle from one of the selections from the old store…

I still need to reclaim the original DF poster, THEN I plan to have the first bundle professionally framed…

Yeah that’s going to be awesome! Can’t wait to see that!

I’m still need the owl shirt to complete the first 3 packs.

BTW I truly love and appreciate how well you take care of your DF/AFI items… I actually mentioned you to my wife recently. I recently got back into skateboarding, bought a deck, helmet, etc. I told her I need to get an AFI sticker for it…

She then gave me shit saying that I probably wouldn’t be able to bring myself to actually using it… LOL.

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Suck my ass Nick 210


Haha, thanks man! Yeah it’s been more of a collection for a long time without ever really feeling the need to wear a shirt and play a vinyl etc. Also where you have shirts and whatever in such a good condition makes you question buying someone else’s piece of shit that they haven’t looked after yet still charging well over the odds on eBay!

I’ve probably got a spare sticker you can have. I’ll dig them out and let you know! :+1:t3:

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Original post updated!

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Updated again yesterday! I love this thread…

I received the Despair Faction #2 Collection with the raven t-shirt. Sure could’ve used the Missing Man bundle at the gym! I also would’ve liked the Bodies bundle for the jacket - I really like it.

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I’m anxious for the jacket… I just wish it said “DF” on it somewhere.

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@STORMS First, sorry to bother you, but do you know if there will be another opening for the Despair Faction Membership? I missed the time frames to get the membership as well as the bundle this year because I’ve been dealing, and still am, with my mom’s death and trying to figure out everything by myself.

Also, thank you for starting this thread! It brings back so many memories. Nice to see a band grow for so long. Those two magazines!!! Omg! I remember them! I was such a fan of AFI, but my best friend introduced me to their music, so whenever we were at Hot Topic (back when they were goth/punk), I’d buy him the vinyl & I subscribed him to the Despair Faction because I couldn’t afford to buy for both of us. It made me happy to see him happy even if I went without. I thought it was fair that he was the one who got it since he found them before I did. A downfall in my personality! I have some of my own memories I keep safe, including photos with them from a Decemberunderground meet and greet and a poster with all of them signing it. Photos from Warped Tour that turned out incredible the year STS came out. I plan to try and look for the old vinyls since I started collecting five years ago. I just miss going to stores and buying them myself.

Sorry for talking so much. Lol. Please let me know about the DF membership :blush::v:🏼:black_heart:

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Hey Laurie,

I’m so sorry for your loss… I cannot imagine…

Regarding membership, the DF opens usually a max of twice a year, maybe every 6-8 months?

Joining the DF is now free when they do open, simply by adding your email to their list or you can buy whatever bundle they’re offering.