DIY AFI Shares - things you made inspired by AFI


What is that made of? That does great!


It’s polymer clay. The wings have a skeleton of thin jewelry wire hot glued to aluminum mesh to keep them light and structured. Plan to paint appropriately once baked. God I hope nothing cracks in the oven…


It looks perfect. Great job!


I knew this thread was somewhere. Zero shame in necroing it too!!

This is a sketchbook piece I did a couple months ago that was inspired by “a deep slow panic.” I want to do more to it, but until then, this is the final piece.

Alright. Standard bbcode not doing the job… Maybe…

Nope. No idea. So here’s a link.


That’s amazing! It looks great and I can totally see/feel how it relates to a deep slow panic. I feel like you should design AFI tattoos.

Also here’s an AFI pumpkin I carved last Halloween:


@SacrificeTheory holy shit that is awesome! Well done!

Edit: I’m gonna share this on our networks too.


@STORMS I’d be honoured! My tag is nothing with no traffic lol, but a shout out would be cool. @psycheDleah <3


Thanks! That song strikes some chords deep in me so I tried to do it some justice on paper. One day I really hope to have a full sleeve/back piece incorporating a lot of my own and established afi imagery.

Love the pumpkin!!! I mean to carve one every year but I get so lazy…


Hi! Several months time lapse later and my shit still is not done because I suck but there is progress and I wanted to share.



Aaaaaand, we’re done.


Wow! That’s pretty awesome! Great work!