Dork reissue *Cyber Monday Exclusive*


And to think I once had the full mp3 of Ronnie II :frowning:


Thanks for this info. Did you simply go to the store and ask or do you have better connections? lol


Post it? :slight_smile:






Okay, so what do you know about the numbers? Give us some insight? (Welcome to the forums btw!)

Easy, trigger…


Hello, other person that wouldn’t provide a source for his numbers.

These didn’t come to you in a dream then?


Exactly… it’s like the saying “video or it never happened”.


Those are the numbers being posted on discogs by other people too. Information must have gotten out there somehow.


What’s the source for the RSD release? Is that confirmed?

I would rather not have to wait 5 more months and have them stretch out this release when it seems like the records have already been pressed.


Please be that monster.

For real though, you’ve got something interesting there to elicit that response from @afi_vinyl.


Who do you guys think @afi_vinyl is on discogs?


Question… how is the Dork going to turn into a boxed set? Or does that mean a boxed set of Dork, BTT and Eddies all together?

@Mike_txaxnxd @dnlkdwll @insectpins


Probably the latter. I’m not sure how they can make a box set out of 4 songs only.


My first thought was a set of the early EPs.



Well now I don’t know what to believe!


The box set is a lie and we were never getting an exclusive gift


Nah dude, there’s only gonna be 77 of them.


And the band actually approves of its release