Dork reissue *Cyber Monday Exclusive*


Honestly though, a box set with early unreleased shit would be cool.


Yeah, now I want what @LordOfTheLeftHand was describing


Yeah, I was imagining a box of the KLP releases, plus a bonus record of unreleased songs. Hell, even if it was a CD or a download I’d drop a stupid amount of money on that.

Likely would have to get Davey/Adam/Mark to agree to it though? Or maybe wouldn’t have to, but like, should? Ha.


As much as I would prefer Geoff have permission from the remaining members of the band, I doubt he needs it. I’m pretty sure he has the rights to all of the early recordings.


They approve of the boxed set? Where did you see this at?


Dude it was a joke. Making fun of all the different information out there.


lol… I had a feeling.


I think approval from the other 3 would be necessary. Geoff owns the rights to the released material or all recorded material? If not, it would be super shitty to release it without permission.


Someone, please find me a popcorn gif.
FWIW I stand with Mike’s numbers unless someone can prove otherwise! Photographic evidence sounds legit!


Just for you.


It’s just like being back on vinyl collective now.


Almost. Needs more cat gifs. Plus they don’t like AFI very much over there.


They don’t like anything over there.


Apparently, Key Lime Pie records owns the copyright for them, and he’s the owner of KLP. I don’t think Hunter or Jade have an input on this, as they weren’t in the band at the time.

I wonder if people would be as agitated as they are (not talking about anyone in particular) if AFI decided to re-release some of the older material, with Geoff or Mark not wanting those represses.


So how does it work? If it was recorded but never published, does Geoff still have the right to release it without permission?


That’s my guess. I don’t think that wether it was published or not has any relevance. There are many songs recorded by Blaqk Audio that you can see on BMI’s repertoire that are unreleased (from Bright Black Heaven), and someone owns the copyright to them.



I’m just wondering who owns the publishing rights. Like if they recorded something for fun, who has the rights to that and is Geoff allowed to release those songs without permission?


What about the black vinyl? What is the pressing count on those?


Those are hand-numbered x/100, didn’t bother asking.