Dork reissue *Cyber Monday Exclusive*


Well those early vinyl were released by KLP records who thus I assume owns the publishing rights for them, and Geoff is the owner of KLP records, so there you go.

From the pic that afi_vinyl just posted, we can see that KLP has the copyright for the songs.


I don’t think you’re understanding the question I’m asking


Shoutouts to you for going to the source and clearing the confusion. Thanks! You did what we all should have done, lol.


808 is a weird number to have pressed. I wouldn’t be surprised if these were fudged.


Now I’m curious… why did he block you?


Probably cause i told him that I saw the pressing info that was on the table where the 7inch were been sold. If they wanted to keep it a secrete they should have left the paper in their office, But whatever atleast i didn’t go around posting it on instagram etc.


Dude, anyone would have done the same thing. I know I would have. If what you did was an issue, that paper should have been in a secure place, out of sight.


Did he really block you because of that? Wow. I know Geoff isn’t the easiest going person, but that’s another level.


There’s something weird going on here.


@STORMS @_tonibell as the mods of this board, did you guys get one of those badge things for “First Board Drama”? This seems like a milestone for any legitimate messageboard.


Afi as whole doesn’t support this reissue Geoff Kresge is selling these himself Davey Hunter Jade and Adam do not support these sales.


No they do not lol Davey and Adam made it perfectly clear​:joy::joy::joy:


You do realize this is all Geoff doing by himself to make money cause he’s broke as fuck Davey an Adam Have no part of this and advise fans not to buy these releases


Dork threads bring out the best


What are you talking about? The band actually worked with Geoff to get these re-releases to happen.


That’s not what they told me and even wrote a statement on it about not supporting the re releases by Geoff unless These are different but both Davey and Adam weren’t too pleased about the re releases when we talked about them at several blood tour shows.



Believe what you want but any of the re releases that have mini trucks suck are not approved​:man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2:


That statement was confirmed to be faked. Doesn’t even sound like something the band would write.


Charge your battery.