Dork reissue *Cyber Monday Exclusive*


That was a fake account that posted that.


Only Dork has Mini Trucks Suck on it.


So what? He owns the label that owns the copyright. What if Davey wanted to read release the early stuff? Mark is off the radar so he won’t agree. Would you be okay with that release, only because Davey approved it?

Also, if Davey, Jade, Adam and Hunter didn’t release music and toured, they would be “broke as fuck” as well.


Jade and Hunter have no say in this matter. They were not in the band at that time.


Not arguing I don’t need to when the two told me personally but whatever​:man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2:


They told me that they were cool with it, so idk what you’re on about.


Yes. We know this, but they still “support our right to buy”. These reissues put us AFI fans in a difficult place. Not everyone can own a Dork, so this may very well be the closet many of us get to owning the real thing.

Wait, what? Source for this? That statement was on their official Facebook page and is still there from August 3rd.



True they support our right to buy but they don’t support the sales themselves I’d rather pay 1000 for the real deal thats supported by Davey and Adam then pay 30 or 40 for something they do not They can tell what’s original and what’s a bootleg. But that’s just my choice like I said I’m not here to argue or start a war just wanted to inform whom it may concern that the two don’t support it.


We appreciate that, but we have all been aware of the situation. Hence why I say this puts “some” AFI fans in a difficult spot. While I agree with you that I’d rather slam down $$$ for an original… not everyone can do that.

But yes, we’ve been aware of the situation ever since the beginning. I’ve made sure to let everyone know that AFI does not support these sales. Again, hence the difficult spot this puts people like myself in.

BTW, my wife and I were behind you and your friend at the DREAMCAR earlier this year at the 9:30 Club. :slight_smile:


No one is discussing bootlegs here. Just because the band doesn’t support this release doesn’t make it illegitimate. Geoff owns the rights to these releases. Nitro put out the Retrospective compilation without permission from the band, but it’s still an official release, even if the band never sanctioned it.

Is it stupid, yeah. These releases are stupid. $20 for a 7" because “originals are valued at hundreds of dollars” mentioned in every post by Geoff and AAI. It’s a cash grab. Geoff ran out of test pressings and red tour variants of ATASF to sell to people.

I don’t even know why I’m still buying these records, honestly.


That was my first Dreamcar show of the tour Was so fun Adrian handed me his drumstick That night then the 2nd show in Detroit Tom gave me his guitar pick then the 3rd show in Chicago Adrian gave me another stick and got the set. Also all 3 setlists. Between that and The 3 AFI setlists Adam giving me his drumsticks getting 3 hunter and 3 jade picks and my entire Davey Jade Hunter and Adam discography signed I had a pretty good touring cycle this year. Also got Mansons and Alice Glass setlist too and meeting with Manson next month so next years gonna start off with a rocking good time too:)


Holy shit… you were basically on tour with them, lol.

My only regret this year, (not to throw this thread off topic) was only seeing AFI twice. In retrospect, I would’ve tried to go to more surrounding shows, even if it meant driving even further.

Good stuff on you though!


I really was​:joy::joy::joy: I did 17 blood tour shows back to back​:joy::joy::joy: lots of sleep lost but the fire insides all worth while! Cause I drove to each one and was barricade to everyone of them


How the fuck did you do that? What, did you save up, then take weeks off of work? LOL


I didn’t save up no I just bought tickets but yeah I took 3 weeks off work. And got paid for it all too :joy::joy::joy:


Anyone get their cyber Monday variant yet or were these just preorders?


No tracking yet. God save us if it’s another preorder.


Fine print stated Cyber Monday 2018


But you can’t complain, they will send you a special, ultra limited gift… a set of pins that will never arrive.


The ultra limited gift is the friends we made along the way