‘Dream’ Setlist

So, last night I had a really vivid dream that I was at an AFI show, but as is always the case with dreams, I woke up before the end. Basically I want to know what everyone thinks the rest of the set will be. The dream felt realistic, so keep the setlists to 17 songs and not beyond the realms of possibility given recent tours.

This is what I got before waking up:

! Strength Through Wounding
! The Lost Souls
! Bleed Black
Fill in the 14 blanks, and Thankyou.


Encore would be the entire All Hallows EP… for the first time ever.

Well…my favorites need to be present… :stuck_out_tongue:

! Strength Through Wounding
! The Lost Souls
! Bleed Black
! Girls Not Grey
! The Days of the phoenix
! Fainting Spells
! 17 crimes
! Deep Slow Panic
! 6 to 8
! Rewind
! Medicate
! A Single second
! The Killing lights
! Get hurt


I tried to keep it realistic, and failed.

  1. Strength through Wounding
  2. The Lost Souls
  3. Bleed Black
  4. Malleus Maleficarum
  5. Love Like Winter
  6. Dumb Kids
  7. The Boy Who Destroyed the World
  8. Overexposure
  9. Snow Cats
  10. The Missing Man
  11. Girls not Grey
  12. Wild
  13. The Despair Factor
  14. This Time Imperfect
  15. Trash Bat
  16. Silver and Cold
  17. Totalimmortal

Will we ever see God Called in Sick Today again? It’s been retired for long enough.

Or am I the only one missing it?

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Not totally unrealistic given some of the more recent setlists

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Keeping Out of Direct Sunlight
:band walks off stage
:band returns on stage

Strength Through Wounding
:band walks off stage
:band returns on stage

Miseria Cantare
Fall Children
Riever’s Music
Who Knew
Midnight Sun
Hanging Garden with Special Guest Robert Smith
Just Like Heaven with Special Guest Robert Smith
Fallen Like The Sky
The Mother In Me
Half Empty Bottle
Of Greetings and Goodbyes
Of Greetings and Goodbyes with with the same guitar tone as most of STS era songs.

Morning Star
:band walks off stage
:band returns on stage

Fall Children
Halloween (Including Boo)
The Boy Who Destroyed The World

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Miseria Cantare
The Leaving Song pt. II (these two just go together super well, sorry!)
The Boy Who Destroyed the World
Brownie Bottom Sundae
The Conductor
Kiss and Control
The Lost Souls
Porphyria Cutanea Tarda
Carcinogen Crush
A Story at Three
Paper Airplanes (Makeshift Wings)
The Interview
Veronica Sawyer Smokes
The Nephilim

Strength Through Wounding
The Despair Factor
Midnight Sun
…but home is nowhere


I really love A Story at Three, so it’s definitely on my bucket list for live shows.
I will be seeing them this Friday in AR, so I’m looking forward to the set list they choose for the show, for sure.


You pretty much hit all of my favorites too! :grinning:

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A lot of bands these days are touring based solely on one album. I’m seeing bloc party in november on their silent alarm tour. it’s one of my all time favourite albums so im stoked!
The DREAM would be for AFI to do a Sing the Sorrow tour…maybe in another 5-10 years this could be possible.

Impossibly unrealistic setlist:
Miseria Cantare
The Leaving Song pt. II
Sacrifice Theory
The Prayer Position
Paper Airplanes
Coin Return
Death of Seasons
Days Of The Phoniex
Let It Be Broke
Dancing Through Sunday
Open Your Eyes
This Celluloid Dream

Total Immortal
The Great Dissapointment
Fall Children
This Time Imperfect

as you can all probably tell…im a big of fan of the older stuff