East Coast Meetup


Hey, so @Snobgrass proposed the idea for an East Coast meet up (though, obviously, anyone would be welcome). I wanted to throw it out there and see if anyone would be interested/where a good location would be for everyone. I know @Alina and I are up in the NYC area, and I think @STORMS is around in PA, but I’m not sure where everyone else is.

I also wanted to see, if people are interested, when you would want to do it.

Alright, so, start discussing. I’ll keep track of everything, and feel free to ask me questions, but be forewarned: I, like Jon Snow, know NOTHING (right now). :wink:


I’m in Knoxville,Tn but I love NYC so whatever. :slight_smile:


I’m in Binghamton NY so about 2-3 hours from NYC…but I’m not a huge city fan, but I’m down for whatever. If we could do it in more of western NY / PA we could possibly get @insectpins to come, I think he may be from Chicago? Im willing to drive if @_tonibell and @Alina want to meet at my house…if we do western NY/PA.


If I had a car to drive I would. As of now count me out though.


maybe by the time we get this set up you could come! that would be awesome Bro!


It also comes down to where we’re meeting. The almost best place to meet would be a restaurant to accommodate us; food, warmth (especially in the Winter), restrooms, etc.

Also, if this did work out I would want to film as much of our experience together as possible and also take photos. It’d be sweet to showcase this and dedicate it to AFI. (Pshh, obviously!)


agreed. We can also choose to wait until spring so its not so damn cold…we should triangulate where the “middle” is for us and just pick it…even if is some rinky dink town…that would be hilarious…I can see it now " Town taken over by adult AFI fans"…


isn’t the world wide web cool:


we can keep adding locations of people that want to go and it will keep calculating the “middle”…


I’ll just be over here on the west coast staring at you all jealously


Sounds like we should do it in Colorado so we can all meet in the middle !!! That would be stellar… The more the merrier in my opinion. If I was wealthy id fly us all…but alas…I am not :disappointed_relieved:


I live in the East Coast
of Mexico


Let’s attempt a legit east coast one, and then we can see if we can achieve bigger things. LOL. But if we do Western PA, then I can always grab a hotel with @Alina . If enough of us need a hotel somewhere, I can see if I can get us a group rate.


agreed, no problem. Its just exciting.


Haha, I totally get that. :slight_smile: This could turn out cool


So far- thanks to @Snobgrass ‘s middle location finder- Stroudsburg seems like a mid location, which might be a decent locale.

Anyone who is interested, please tell me where you are from and I will try to find a mid point for us.

Proposal: do we want a dinner or like a giant picnic thing? I might be able to find a State Park where we could set up camp for the day if we do it in the late spring (oh the irony, AFI fans out in the light of day).


Isn’t this like the old “5th Column” thing or am I wrong? @_tonibell

Also, if anything this could be the start of a general meetup in other areas too.


I guess it all comes down to how many of us will commit. I just checked out trip adviser for Stroudsburg PA and they have some winery’s, some hard cider places, some cool restaurants that have vegan options and so forth. If it’s just a few of us we can hit a few spots? I also think finding a hotel or a motel would be a good idea.


Ha! Yeah, this is kind of like the old 5th Column thing.

@Snobgrass A winery or hard cider place would be cool, but I know one or two members are under 21. But Stroudsburg does have some decent stuff. We’ll see how many commit.

And I’ll def need to know how many would commit in order to get us a hotel deal.


Oh shit…my bad. I totally am cool with whatever :ok_hand:


No biggie! You didn’t know!