Get Verified as "Despair Faction" on these forums - see inside

As I continue to do my best to make these DF forums as “homey” as possible, I’ve set up “Verified DF” badges for verified DF members. The perk of this is when every time you make a post, it will say “Verified DF” beside your name: see above for an example.

In order to do this, I am simply asking for you to send me a private message with a photo of DF credentials (membership card) to prove that you are a DF member. Do NOT send me personal information, just a photo proving that you’re DF.

Part of the reason I’m doing this is because there have been multiple members signing up here that have had issues receiving the DF emails. And while we wish to help you all out, it would be nice to know that we’re not doing anything against the band’s wishes, etc.

Once I receive your photo, you will be added to this group, which in turn, will give you the badge.

Thanks to @Thedevilovesyou for the example photo

EDIT: Also, to be completely fair, I am proving to all of you that I am also officially DF. You can check out one of my DF photos at the bottom of this post: this is a photo of my received “Missing Woman” DF package:


I emailed and they strainghten me out with the issues of not receiving the latest DF emails.

If you are infact an Existing DF member, you would have at some point received an email from DF. Search for one, when located, open the email and scroll to the bottom and click the “update info” hyper link.
After that you should then receive emails in the future. They also gave me the current presale code since they could verify that I was DF.

Hope that helps anyone who’s confused.


My wallet was stolen that had my DF card in it (3rd bundle! I’d do anything to have my original card back :sob:) so im not sure how I can be verified on here?

Send me a screen cap of a DF email?

Where/how do I send you a private message? I’m sure its something simple I’ve missed but it’s been a long year…

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