How are you? Just checking in


My apologies for being away lately. Just wanted to ask how everyone was?

I hope you all still enjoy coming here!


Thanks for asking @STORMS :slight_smile: I’m doing fine…busy with work…my wife’s due date is coming…and sure I still enjoy coming here…although it looks like there’s not much content every day :frowning: But hey…even when we are away and apart…we still part of the big dark flame :wink:


Hey Storms, yes, I still get on every day to see what’s going on. Work is also busy for me. I hope everyone is well!


@Blag yeah activity is down a bit. It’s difficult to keep people regular without posting new content frequently. I’ve been busy with work and family, but those AFI shows are just around the corner!

I’m still debaring on what I want to bring to the shows to try to get signed. I don’t wanna bring more than 3 things max. Like, when have you ever seen an autographed copy of Under the Rose? Decisions, decisions… :wink:

Great to hear from you @snobgrass!


All good. Busy with adult life in general. Added a couple of bits to the collection recently, it’s still slowly growing and evolving


Good for you. :slight_smile:

My wife and I are doing upgrades around the house so my eBay visits either have to be controlled or limited.

Plus the expenses to keep this site running and the DFC art my artist has been working on for me.

Regarding adult life, I just hope that someday I have enough space to create an AFI room where every time you enter it, AFI plays. Posters, framed setlists, vinyls, etc. :slight_smile:


I lived that dream, then we had a kid and my man cave turned into the kids room. One day I may have space to do it all again.

At the minute my collection building is limited to the ‘must have’ items on my list, so it’s slow going as those things don’t appear too often, and the list isn’t a very big one any more.


Life has been…difficult recently. My friend’s dad died super unexpectedly while they were on vacation in a different country, so that funeral was today. Second hardest funeral I’ve ever been too.

I still check in here every day and I’m really looking forward to the shows I’m going to in September! Hope everyone else is doing well!


@sayasha I am very sorry for your loss… I remember not even being able to go into my cousins funeral about 10 years ago. I just couldn’t. I would’ve been on the floor crying. Once I read a message that my Aunt Sue wrote to her son who just passed… done. Done. Done…

I really appreciate you all checking in here daily. I’m going to work on doing a better job updating and posting when I can.


@STORMS Yeah, I think my friend said it best when she got up to say something and the first words out of her mouth were ‘I love you all, but I don’t want to be here’ :frowning:


Struggling a lot with my mental health issues. It’s been way worse than this in the past but it’s such a drag. Can’t really focus on anything, no motivation to do anything meaningful, nothing interests me, I’m so bored all the time. I’ve been wanting to play my guitar but my shoulder is fucked again and can’t afford treatment right now. I really want to work on writing my novel or just do some short stories but I can’t concentrate at all or direct my thoughts toward it. Feeling kind of hopeless. I’m reading Nikki Sixx’s autobiography The Heroin Diaries. It’s so good. My apartment is a mess, don’t have to energy to clean in. I haven’t done anything in the way of AFI for a while, it’s been close to a month I guess, I haven’t even listened to them. Maybe I should, Black Sails usually makes me feel like kicking the world’s ass. I noticed a few months ago the boards here have slowed down, I try to visit at least once a week but I have nothing except depressed drivel to add…


Oh man, hang in there! Remember, things can be bad but that means things can be good too!


@Vanished hang in there… We’re thinking of you.

Yes, listen to Black Sails!


So sorry for your loss @sayasha :frowning: Those kind of things are never easy…sending you all my positive thoughts…


Hang in there buddy…life’s not easy but it doesn’t mean we can keep fighting…there’s a saying from a skateboarder that I really like…“When we fall down…we come back for more”…so keep listening to Black Sails…and remember that here…we’re all part of a big dark flame…


Wow, thanks guys. There’s more compassion here from strangers on the internet than I ever receive from people I’ve known IRL.


Hey I hope things look up for you,I went through a similar phase and read Nikkis Book and Dave Navarros the subject matter although great books in my opinion they may not be the best things to be reading right now,I’m just talking from experience not trying to offend at all.Pick up Steven Tyler or Anthony Kiedis book as the subject matter is just as entertaining and dark but also sheds light on things,Stevens has a way with words and you get some positive with the negative and he analyzes things when he was in dark phases and how he got out,he’s brutally honest amd helpful if you cant find it ill mail it to you.Check him out on Joe Rogan Podcast he just did super entertaining guy.I know it doesn’t sound good but if you can hit the gym,weights go on a bike ride with some music you’ll feel much better.Were all here but if you want to talk you can PM me anytime.


Thanks. Nikki’s book has actually helped me to feel a little better for the most part, because for me it’s personally validating. I also love his sense of humor, despite the subject matter some of the tongue and cheek commentary from time to time is hilarious. I’ve been meaning to pick up some other books as well, thanks for the suggestions.

Right now I’m in a lot of pain with my back, which is just making me feel even more cranky lol. I’m going to try to make it to a yoga class sometime this week, it’s one of the only things that seems to help.


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Yeah Nikki and Dave have very unique senses of humor,have you read the dirt by motley crue,or whores:an oral history of Jane’s addiction other amazing reads,but go with Steven Tylers first.Those books helped me too eventhough they’re dark at times.Yogas good,have you tried swimming it builds up alot of surrounding upper body muscles giving your back more support by activating more groups of muscles so instead of your back being the sole source you have many other sources working as support to relieve the stress and load.Strangely this helps me after I get done with muay thai and have pain this takes it away,lay back and put in headphones and give it a shot