How early do you get to a show?

Hey guys! I’m not sure if there was a discussion on this… But how early do you line up for shows? I’m trying to plan for the SD show, and I would like to be in the front at least once :smile: Any pre show or after show advice appreciated!

@Tigerseye first off - Welcome and thanks for finding us!

For your question… wow, especially for these exclusive shows? Me personally, I couldn’t get there TOO earlier usually because of my kids, babysitters, etc. However I would still try to get there at least 4 hours early.

However, some folks like @Cher_I_Despair would camp out overnight… he might actually be doing that.

Nah im passing on these shows between these last 13 shows this tour and the 17 from Blood tour im breaking for blaqk Audio Id really love to go but I got shit to pay​:joy::joy::joy: I just now had time today to ship out records to everyone cause this past week has been super nuts but im sure everyone will include the extras I threw in for the few days delay though. Especially since its stuff they couldnt have aquired unless being on the tours.


If ur wanting barricade for these shows overnight is the way to go I know 10 personally who are camping out :joy::joy::joy: unless a miracle happens Im not going. Id rather save up for a full intimate Blaqk Audio tour The guys never come out for the cali shows after and dip pretty early after their set.

I second @Cher_I_Despair, if you definitely want barricade you’re going to have to be there really early. I know at least a couple people for the San Diego show who will definitely be their overnight, or at least by the very early hours of the morning. So as early as you can get there, you should get there.

And I hear you @Cher_I_Despair, I’m also saving my money for the Blaqk Audio tour, but it’s a battle every day to not say screw it and buy myself some tickets!


Wow! Well I’ll definitely try to be as early as I can. So the guys never come out after CA shows?

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Some of the people I met in line up here (Seattle and Vancouver) who were from Cali (will actually be at the San Diego show, but I don’t think they’ve joined the boards) have had some luck, but it sounds like you need to wait a LONG time if you’re going to see them. And it may have been several years ago that they were telling stories about. Definitely ask people for their stories though, there are some great ones.


I appreciate all the info!

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I’m also surprised to hear this… I mean, maybe because the areas are so crowded??? I have no idea. I’ve never been to Cali. The furthest west I’ve been from Pa is Las Vegas.

I usually go 8am you should be alright and I bring my acoustic weve had some awesome renditions smith,davey,and jade came out and sang with us dfers a few times that ive done this .the world was different during AOD-Crash i had just tur ned 18 in 2009 camera phones and instagram wouldve.been cool to document it.
My advice say hello to Smith!Hes hilarious but he goes out of his way always gets me a.set.list,pic,sticks, and hel tell you were you can catch the guys ive seen him bring people backstage so they can get an autograph,photo,or say hello.Go early and talk to Smith you cant go wrong

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Its usually due to them being nor cal
boys,so all their friends,family,and significant others that come out they want to spend the most time they can with them.They have come out though after cali shows especially smaller ones

I can attest to this, if it’s Smith who is there. It may be Fritch, but Fritch is also a great guy.

Smith is super personable. Last year at an NJ show Smith came over, I had asked him to sign my set list so he drew an old school AFI logo and even took my set list to Jade on the bus to get signed.


When I saw them during the “Burials” tour, I showed up like…2 hours early to make sure I had at least a decent spot. I ended up going on the balcony anyway because my anxiety started acting up when I was in the middle of the crowd, but hey, I tried. Still, even a couple hours early, a line had already begun forming. I’d suggest getting there pretty early if you wanna be up front.

Also, I haven’t been able to catch them for this album cycle yet… I hope they do a full-on tour in support of this EP.


Thanks! That’s good info.

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I arrived to the Houston show like 4 hours early and was standing by the tour buses and I got to meet Hunter and Jade for like 1 minute. Adam passed by and said he was in a rush and we’d talk afterwards.

I started the line 2 hours before the doors opened and there were like 30 people ahead of me. The venue sold skip the line passes and some peopne bought them. I didn’t need to arrive that early because I had balcony seats.

So if you want to meet them, just arrive hours before the doors open and stand by the buses. After the show is done, go to the buses again and they will come out to meet fans like 1 hour after the show is done.


Thanks for sharing info, y’all.

Man, I cannot wait until the next tour. Since they were a supporting band on this last tour it was bummer the set was so short. I was also super jealous of all the other cities who got to hear AOD songs. I did get He Who Laughs Last but still.


To tell you the truth, I don’t even bother lining up for shows anymore. Nothing worse than sitting through a set from a band you dont like. I typically show up minutes before the band I came to see performs.


That sounds awesome!

@astheycry, I know!! It was so short…

I am the same… I was never a barricade type person… I am 6’3 so I can usually see from anywhere in the venue… plus the whole sitting around for hours and hours before just never appealed to me

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