In search of... what's on your wish list?


Don’t we all have an AFI wish list?!

I’m looking for the CRASH LOVE necklace. Do you have one for sale or trade?

B-Sides and Rare Tracks
In search of TAOD turquoise or blue variants and pink/magenta

If I see it on eBay or anywhere I’ll let you know. I wasn’t around in the online world when this album came out so I have very little Crash Love items. This necklace is tremendous.


Always looking for records and CDs to buy or trade. Here’s my wantlist:


The items I want are usually the rarer shirts, promo band photos and items like @LordOfTheLeftHand posted (the set list). I don’t really go after every single different version of everything. The Dork is something I need and is the holy grail of what I need for my collection.

When I think about my favorite item in my AFI collection, I usually immediately think about my signed, limited colored vinyl of BSITS.


The only thing I would want is (other than all the DF stuff I had that the flood stole from me) a tour poster from the Summer Shudder tour, particularly if it’s from the NYC dates- June 22 &23. I don’t know if they did make a specific poster for it, but that tour meant a lot to me, so it would be cool to have if they did. I know they made ones for the Australian leg of the tour.

And, @Ophelia , if I see anything, I shall contact you. :slight_smile:


I want the Nephilim Necklace.

I got the Nitro Box Set dirt cheap since it didn’t come with the Pendant. And then I considered getting a second whole box set for an enormous amount of money just to get this, but decided against it.

I’m pretty sure these are both the same necklace, the later picture only seems white due to a flash or lighting. My friend has one and I can attest that this is what it looks like on both sides.


I do have this since I got the Nitro box when it was announced years ago… in fact, I have this too:


My jealousy is immense. If I ever find someone selling their’s, I’m willing to spend more than I should.


I don’t know if it’s worth $400:


I saw that today and thought about posting it for @BrandonsNotGrey.

And, yeah, dude, is it worth $400?


That’s not the one from the boxed set. The one linked to eBay is another one. I had that one too… I think I still do but it broke due to the excessive wear.


I offered that guy less money on eBay, and he gave me some spiel about how hard it was to find and how he refuses to sell it for less.

Considering it’s been listed forever, and he’s not getting any bites…he should probably conisder it.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of these for sale since they came out (early 2010 I think?). I do remember them being very cheaply made though.


He probably subconsciously doesn’t want to sell it. :frowning:


It was earlier than that… I wanna say 2002/03ish. I forgot how the half-Nephilm necklace came out… it might have been a single piece on the Nitro store years back. I’m pretty sure the head came off from mine.

I wouldn’t wear them anymore anyway. To me, this is all purely collector merchandise. The only necklace I wear (and always wear) is a small skeleton key necklace that has a blue crystal in it that my wife got me.


Not AFI, but I’m looking for a Blaqk Audio shirt. It was only available in a presale bundle for the Material album and i wasn’t able to get it at the time. If anyone knows where to find one in large please let me know.


I was speaking of the CL necklace.


Does anyone here collect posters and have any they want to sell? In particular, I’m looking for the 13"x19" ATASF poster. I have all of the other 13"x19" Nitro posters but that’s the last one I’m missing.


I wish you needed SYMAOYE… I have two of them. Unfortunately, I only have one of each of the others.


Would you want to trade me for it?