🔪 ! Miss Murder Problem!

Hey Guys :slightly_smiling_face:
I noticed that a lot of ppl in the Fanbase dislike Miss Murder… and want it off the Setlist.

What do you think about Miss Murder?
Why is there a problem with this song or video?
Do you like or dislike the Song?
Why is Miss Murder a love it or hate it song? :slightly_smiling_face:

I still enjoy this song and it always reminds me when i saw it on MTV sommer 2006 (i was 18)
Probably without Miss Murder me and many others would not know AFI.

I still wear sometimes my Miss Murder Shirt :grin: nice teenage memories :blush:

-Jennifer :cherry_blossom:

It was a very divisive song - probably the most divisive they have ever written - among the fanbase. Miss Murder represented pretty much a complete departure from anything they had done previously, and a lot of people weren’t happy about that. Some people rag on Sing the Sorrow as their “sellout” album but Miss Murder is what really propelled the band into the mainstream public awareness. Nowadays I would think many people are sick of hearing it.

I don’t really care for the song. I don’t think it’s objectively terrible or anything, but there are better songs from Decemberunderground and according to the band it was never even meant to be on the album. I love “The View From Here”, which is supposedly the song which got cut from that album for Miss Murder.

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@Vanished Yes i understand this and of course on the DU Album are better Songs on it.

It is really funny that the Band never want it on the Album and i wonder why was it the first Single? When no one liked it.

I have no issues with Miss Murder…I really like it…the problem for me…is that AFI play it too often :slight_smile: People want to hear something different…and boom! Miss Murder again…


I’m in total agreement with @Blag that said I still enjoy seeing it live. I might wish that they replaced it with another song, but that’s not going to stop me from enjoying it, y’know? And I do appreciate that it was a lot of people’s entry song into the AFI fandom


I always have and always will think it sounds weirdly similar to the Soft Cell version of “Tainted Love”. Not exactly the same or a carbon copy mind you, but similar enough to be pretty noticeable.


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Ok :slightly_smiling_face: @Blag @sayasha Yes, but i think it is quite normal for musicians and Bands that they play the song who was the biggest hit for them very often.

Just for example:
My friend saw this week his favourite Band Metallica live. And surprise surprise they were playing “Nothing Else Matters” and “Enter Sandman” again :slightly_smiling_face:

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@24HrRevengeTherapy Ah ok, i never noticed that. I have to listen to tainted love again.

I think radio killed the song… it was just over-played. That just translates yet again to these sets… just like Girl’s Not Grey.

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For me it was about timing. 7 albums in and they get their biggest single and a whole host of new fans that essentially would just want to hear that over anything that came before. Normally a bands biggest hit will come in the first couple of albums and grow with the fanbase. That wasn’t quite the case here. The core fanbase was already established, the influx of new fans became top heavy, and the core fanbase was unable to hold everything together when the band faded from the limelight, almost creating a one hit wonder effect. You’ll be hard pushed to find too many fans from pre DU that would put Miss Murder in their top 5 songs.

As a song it’s not that bad. It became very overplayed though. A couple of years after release I heard a fan made remix version that combined both bridges together, and that extra 20-30 seconds totally transformed the song for me. I would love them to throw the die hard fans a bone with that song and considering either playing the alternative bridge live or combining the 2. I think that would be a decent way of saying ‘look we get it, some of you don’t want here this, however let’s see if we can sweeten the deal’. Gives the casual/newer generation of fans their big hit, while giving a nod to those of us nerdy enough to live and breathe the band.

EDIT: The last headline show they played didn’t contain Miss Murder and the Setlist was total lip service to the hardcore fanbase and easily the best Setlist they’ve put out since the STS days, so they do acknowledge this sort of thing at least.

EDIT2: As a final thought. I’ve seem them 9 times over here in the uk between 2003 and 2017. On those 9 occasions there are 3 songs I’ve seen at every single show. Girls Not Grey, Leaving Song pt 2 and Days Of The Phoenix. In fact I would be willing to bet that their most played song on these shores is Days Of The Phoenix and not Miss Murder.


This is one of the most accurate descriptions of AFI circa '06 - '07 I’ve ever read. Combine that with the fact that by '07 the pop punk/“emo” scene of the early 2000s was rapidly dying. Sort of makes it even stranger to hear them playing Miss Murder nowadays, now that I think about it…

Between what the band has reportedly said about Miss Murder in interviews and my personal opinion, I’m convinced the Miss Murder single was an executive decision by Interscope and/or Butch Vig. Davey hated the song vehemently - or so he says - but the story goes that they were rehearsing, Butch Vig made a comment about how it sounded like a hit, Davey said the lyrics didn’t mean anything so he didn’t want it on the album but after suggestions from the label, Jade convinced him otherwise.


Davey hate his own song?:open_mouth::cry: wow i am really shocked.
Do you remember in which interview he said this? :confused: can you send a Link or something?

I like Miss Murder. It’s a fun song with a screaming part and I appreciate it being on the set list. On their current tour there are a few songs I would get rid of but MM is not one of them.

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Yes it is a fun song @Slayter and without this Song i probably would not know them.

For me no song from afi can ever be overplayed :blush: i like every setlist they choose to play, old and new songs :blush:

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I’m pretty sure he dislikes anything he’s done from 1991-1998 anyway.

I’m grateful Miss Murder existed because it’s the reason that a label decided to fund Blaqk Audio. It’s also the only reason they’re still touring as an uncredited, opening band. If it wasn’t for Miss Murder, AFI would be even more irrelevant in the music scene than they are nowadays.


@Pablo When AFI are irrelevant in the Music scene why is every Album since sts in the Top 15 Billboard charts?
The Most Bands would not even hit The Top 100 or Top 200.
I’m confused…

They are irrelevant when they spend more time touring as a support band than headlining. I’m not sure if CL even charted, but I’m pretty sure some albums charted in the rock billboard, not on the billboard 100. They’re irrelevant when they’re not the main act as they used to be even at kroq events, even if it’s a year they released an album. Their label doesn’t care for them anymore. They aren’t even on the ads for their current tour.

However if you think they’re still as relevant as they were in 2006, I totally respect your opinion.


Also, I’m sure they chart with the album release because some people (like the fanbois at afi news hq or whatever their current name is) leave their Spotify session playing their album nonstop literally. They even advised fans to do so.


What we mean to say is that AFI has not been relevant in the mainstream since '06 - '07 when they released and toured DU. I don’t know how big they might have been in Germany, but in North America and the UK they were quite a popular band back then. It was fairly common to see random people wearing their shirts and the singles from that album were played in shopping malls and clothing stores all the time. Then after '07 they sort of faded into obscurity again from the public eye.

Just because something isn’t at the forefront of mainstream awareness doesn’t mean it’s no good, it’s just that it’s not particularly following a current trend or there are other issues like a lack of promotion or support from the label. Overall, AFI was never a big band in the grand scheme of things, and that is a fact. They never influenced a ton of bands or helped create a new genre despite how unique their sound was especially around the AOD - STS era. They are a very niche type of band that (for the most part) appeals to a certain type of person with certain interests and tastes which are outside the norm. At least that’s how it was years ago; I’m pretty certain their issues since Crash Love has a lot more to do with their label and a lack of real promotion.

Here is the interview where they talk about Miss Murder. I seem to remember they also mention it in some other interviews but this is the main one. I personally believe that from this point onward they started writing songs “backwards” as Davey said; coming up with lyrics and the bare structure of the song and then trying to superimpose meaning onto it rather than having a concept in hand and expressing that lyrically. That’s just my own feeling but I guess once you find a formula you stick to it…

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I’d say the major reason for their albums still charting fairly well is due to the fans that already exist buying (or streaming) the albums. They aren’t exactly bringing in hordes of new fans all the time these days, like they did with STS (when I was introduced to them) and DU. They also play music that’s just not particularly relevant in the mainstream nowadays, and have doubled down on their 80s post-punk influences and brought them even more into the forefront. Obviously, that’s not a bad thing and they shouldn’t just play what’s popular at the moment. They should just do what they wanna do. However, what they’re doing isn’t exactly what’s big right now.