Most underrated AFI song?


My vote goes to The Great Disappointment. I think most fans tend to overlook its brilliance. It’s one of my most favorite songs from Sing the Sorrow. Davey’s lyrics and soaring crescendos, and the clean guitar work is absolutely gorgeous.


The great disappointment was one of mine, but it saw a fair bit of love during the last tour.

For me ‘The Embrace’ is my most underrated song. You rarely hear anything about it, be it good or bad.


End Transmission for me.


Not my favorite, I love Burials at it’s entirely tho. But I don’t particularly dislike it. It’s a good song.


I love 100 word, I always tend to love the b sides and songs left of the albums


Okay I Feel Better Now.


One of the first songs that come to mind is Lower It. I also think Transference is another.

When we were voting on the AOD songs, Dream of Waking really came back to me also.


I know this shouldn’t count as underrated…but…for some weird reason…today I listened to “Fainting Spells” from the Decemberunderground sessions for the very first time…and totally fell in love with the song…I think I have listened to it at least 20 times…non-stop…can’t get it out of my head :slight_smile:


Miss Murder. Hear me out. It’s become so fashionable amongst fans to hate on the song. I guess some of the hate is due to the popularity of the song and the fact that it might be the only song non-fans know from the band, but those all seem like elitist reasons to me. It’s still a really good song (and obvious choice for a single) on an album that really hasn’t aged too well in 12 years.


It’s definitely still one of the better songs on the album.


Yeah…Miss Murder is a great song :slight_smile: And like they say…Haters gonna hate…so why bother? Just because is the most “known” song doesn’t make it bad or anything…


Miss Murder is a great song and I agree that it got overlooked a lot because of the old “selling out” argument. I still really enjoy it, both the album version and the UK radio edit.

In terms of my own underrated favourite, The Leaving Song. It echoed my brokenness at the time when I listened to it the most, while musically, it’s also very calming. I return to it a lot for both of those reasons.


I love the chord progression of The Leaving Song. It also works really well on the ukulele. In case that’s vital information that you need :slight_smile:


The unofficial extended miss murder which combines both Bridges is awesome, and pretty much the only one I listen too now


Oh, that sounds cool. Haven’t come across that one, I don’t think.


Uploaded it to YouTube a while back


Oh, that is awesome! Thank you :open_mouth:


“see how I blend in… With nothing” I’ve been listening to the crash love bonus disc. Where can I find more of this? It says it’s from December underground sessions? What’s that mean?!? These are my favorite songs from this album but where did they come from??

P.s. I have to agree that’s one of my all time favorites from them


There were a ton of extra songs between DU and Crash… so many good songs!

BTW welcome to the forums, @TheGreyArea how did you find us? :slight_smile:


Well…every time a band goes into the studio to record an album…they usually have a ton of songs…let’s say 50…and in the end they keep only 10 or 12…the others get rejected and simply forgotten…although…some get included in bonus version like the ones on Crash Love…

I remember that in an interview Jade mentioned that he has all the songs that AFI had ever recorded…he keeps them just because…hope one day they will get released :wink:

And BTW…welcome to the forums :smiley: