Most underrated AFI song?


@Hammonds Were you on afiseries? I edited the two together. I think I was the first to do so. I lost my original edit when I got a virus on my computer but made a new one. I always thought both bridges belonged!!

It’s difficult to pick one song since they have so many, but I recently realized that The Leaving Song Pt. 1 is a secret bluegrass song. I can hear the phantom banjo and close vocal harmony. I’ve known this song for 15 years and I only just realized this.


I was, but didn’t post much or anything on there.
I guess it’s probably your original edit that I have then. Cheers for making it. It is an awesome version. I’m surprised it isn’t as well known amongst the fanbase, because I think quite a few people were into it back then


I totally agree. A bunch of my friends and family love AFI. I asked them if they have listened to Miss Murder. They tell me that it’s not an actual song. They thought I made it up. But when I played it for them, they were like,“Why have I never heard this song?” It may not be my top favorite, but it’s definitely in my top 5.