New AFI Podcast: "My Fire Inside" by Fans via RattHaus


Some fellow fans have started up a brand new AFI podcast. They consider this podcast their introduction where they tell brief histories of their interest for AFI.

The podcast will features different albums and songs every month.

It starts at 1:00 - you can check it out below:

Credit: AFINewsHQ


There’s also Hanson and Cork’s A Fire Inside Out, which had a good run, but since they covered all the albums and the band went to bed, it’s been largely inactive. So this will be the second podcast that I can think of devoted to this band we all love. I’m interested to hear where this goes; hopefully they won’t run out of things to talk about.


I tagged them in my posts (social media) so perhaps that could invite some of us on their podcast to discuss collections over time. Folks like @insectpins and @Snobgrass know a shit load.


Thank you Storms! My knowledge pales in comparison to @insectpins, @dnlkdwll and @4ibanez …these guys are legit.


Don’t sell yourself short dude.


I invited the podcast fellas here, so we shall see.


Thank you all for the love!


Hello,I’m a big fan of the podcast, just throwing ideas maybe you could ask users to share or submit encounters with members of the band like seeing one of them at a concert (I’ve seen Adam and davey and smith at numerous shows seperately)or outside of concert setting like randomly in public (I’ve heard funny and interesting ones,like davey walking in to get a mani/pedi and he ends up sitting next to Beyonce of all people).Maybe you can feature things weekly like a memorabilia collection,rare merch member submitted instrument covers of songs,maybe you can track down some members of other bands and ask them their stories of how it was being on tour with Afi also members or staff on the cd inlets and their time in the studio working with afi.Just a few random ideas that I thought might be cool.Keep up the great work


That sounds like a great idea! Call into the networks hotline and we’ll start off with your call first for stories of meeting the band! 714-684-1652


I wouldn’t mind coming on sometime to discuss the DF. I think that topic would warrant full discussion on that subject alone. From the start, to where it is now. And how now, joining can be difficult. We could also talk the puzzling nature of the latest package… why so late?, etc.


That is an awesome idea like the inception of the DF and pictures of items in each different package?I miss the DF message board maybe the ask afi section has been archived.


Will do,I got tons of stories


Yeah, that is my hopes for this forum.


I believe its due to Jade wanting to recording in November, so they’ll have our attention for a upcoming album release


Wait, where did you hear about possible new AFI.


Do you have a source for that? I know there was talk about them all saying they wanted to START the next album at the end of the year or beginning of the year.


Storms here’s the full link from the Australian magazine you posted where he mentions the writing process for the end of the year


[quote]Well part of that is the writing and recording and preparing to put out that takes a long time so I’ve gotta start writing really early.
If you’ve been a fan of the band long enough (aka longer than one album cycle), then you know you can’t really take that statement seriously.


Yeah, it’s going to be years until we hear more AFI.

I hope it’s not the case, but through their history… it’s definitely a trend, especially after Burials.


New AFI in 2020. Any other bets?