Pick One. (One item from your collection)


STS gold disc, Eddie Picnic & BTT test pressings, really like some of my Bacteria Sour vol 1 7"s, GNG French promo and Totalimmortal promos…oh sorry that’s not 1!!! Too hard to pick one, but honestly Dork isn’t my “holy grail”! Edit: didn’t realise I’d revived an old thread…ahh well, all fun!


Can you post a pic of the STS gold?



Who is Joyce Castagnola?


She works in the music industry - not sure exactly what her role was with STS. More likely promotion/distribution type role.


Holy shit! Etched glass??? BTT test pressings???



That’s test pressings of both Eddie Picnic and Behind the Times (just 1 of each). I don’t have test pressings of their re-releases (assuming they exist)


It’s amazing. Basically, there is so much I never knew existed before meeting you and others on here.

My collection is nice, but it’s funny how small it really is compared to others’.


If I had to pick on Ill put aside clandestine amd my various setlistse,I’ll go with rarity,I have a copy I believe only 2 exist of the five flowers gold dvd which led to the next clue back during the lead up to the decemberunderground secret club shows the show I saw was at slims in sf.The dvd however was available at a comic book shop in alameda and I had to go in and physically ask to see the five flowers,the guy played a creepy mysterious dvd from afi then popped it out and let me keep it,its gold with a gold embossed rabbit,I’ll try to find it and post pics


Wow where did you get that,can I ask who is it presented too,and how much was it,I’d love to have one,that’s an amazing piece congrats,they have platinum ones too cause sts went platinum aswell but the gold looks way cool


I’ll add I have one of davey tattoo artists who does my work in berkeley california. However he knows I’m a major afi fan and it turns out he drew the original fly in the ointment art piece.He gave it to his Co worker who was moving and decided to give it to me and it turns out she got confused and accidentally threw out the original drawing that was used for fly in the ointment as it was in a moving box she trashed.I hope that’s a lie ans she kept it at the latest minute because it hurts knowing I could have had the original fly in the ointment artwork but it kills me more it got destroyed in the trash forever!


Reed is your tattoo artist? I’m so jealous.


Yeah reed is the man I go to his house now to get my work done,I was tipped off as he was listed in one of the CD to get tatted by,reeds cool,plays music aswell in a band called east bay chasers,he’s an amazing artist a very creative dude he can repurpose stuff like he turned a gumball machine into this rad busted looking pirate ship using plaster and shit he’s definitely gifted.I have a picture of him giving davey one of his first tats I’ll try to find and post


That’s nuts that you’re basically in Davey’s “network” lol.


I am so jealous of anyone who has a tattoo. My fam is religious and even though I don’t live with them anymore, I would still be annihilated if I got one. :frowning: But that’s really awesome. He sounds incredibly creative.


I missed this comment,I was catholic like davey but my parents went to church but they were lax,like I’d score a touchdown and do an inappropriate dance and they were ok with that and so was the school!But a hell yes during mario kart got me a correction so weird lol! Doing a Terrell Owens fake humping football parents and priests and cheerleaders going apeshit,a hell yes in mario kart my game is shut off for 30 mins.wth!LOL .If you don’t mind tonibell were you catholic?Any funny stories?not making fun of the religion I’ll always show respect but I mean like funny stuff your parents did for the religion that was contradictory


I want this sts,gold disc,I doubt a d.u. or digital download one pops up afid their crew are so loyal.pm me a price I know it may not be for sale but I’ll pay,I been doing alot of overtime!


Hey! Sorry. Just saw this.

And yep! I’m still Catholic. I go to Church and confession and everything. :wink:

I mean, I always find it interesting that Italian Catholics (that’s what I am) are so against tarot cards and divination, but they believe in stuff like giving someone the hex (Devil horns) and wearing the Italian horn for prosperity. I mean, now people in Italy are a bit more lax with tarot readings, but that might change soon. The Vatican is ordering its priests to go to exorcism classes because the amount of “possessions” had gone up, and the Vatican blames it on increased use of tarot cards. Interesting stuff.


Wow I had no idea about the tarot stuff,there’s way worse out there I wonder why the focus on that.I thought social media would be a focus but the pope tweets more than me thats cool though.Possession I don’t even want to think about that super scary stuff.Im more new agey but still follow the core beliefs and have questions about others.I even alter served and my dad would sometimes make faces to make me laugh up in front of the whole church.Confession is cool I’ve gone,I used to attend the healing masses until they stopped them.I have been feeling a little empty and I have to admit there is always a special feeling when you walk in a church that I miss.


I think the tarot stuff comes down to the fact that, unless you read about it extensively, most people think of it as just a way to try to divine the future, which is God’s domain. There’s the belief that it opens a door to the Devil. Strange stuff. The occult is actually my specialty when it comes to literature and lore, so I find it all incredibly fascinating.

Possession is TERRIFYING. I had to watch all these specials on it for one of my thesis papers, and I did not sleep for like a week after.

And I’ve never been a big fan of the bureaucracy of the Church; I take issue with humanity trying to project its social constructs on something that is beyond our ability to understand. But I do find that solitary prayer is helpful. My own belief is quite complicated, but I do believe in the basic tenets: The Holy Trinity, Mary, sacraments, etc.

I was also an alter server! I almost set myself on fire when serving the Stations of the Cross one time. Haha. My mom almost had a melt down. And, yeah, I love walking into Churches, but particularly when they’re empty and dim, but I think that comes down to my own personal issues with the people in my neighborhood and the Church I go to. LOL.