Post Your AFI Collections


All encompassing thread for sharing collections. I’ll update this post later with photos from mine. In the meantime, here’s one thing I do have a picture of:

and here’s my discogs collection:

Always down to buy and trade if anyone is interested.

Afi collections
Test pressing of ATASF?

Awesome…someday I will own one.


This is all I have, I’m still waiting for my Miss Murder 12" remix LP to arrive…

Discogs link:


Pardon me as I drool over your Dork!

Great thread! I will aim to start posting my collection tomorrow evening after work. :slight_smile:

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As far as records and stuff go, looks like you guys have some crazy collections and I’m not going to be showing you anything you haven’t seen before, but I do have this:

October 6, 1999. Day after All Hallow’s came out, opening for Sick of It All in Pittsburgh, PA.


That’s awesome. Killer set too!


Mother of God. You clearly have already, but please continue to take great care of that. My first ever and only set list was the one I got at Sayreville and that was pure luck.

What you have is gold.


If you search me on Instagram (@dyakimchuk), I basically post about AFI every 3-4 posts. I will be doing a huge bulk pic by the end of the month.


Just followed you and stalked your insta for a bit. You have some amazing records.


Here’s a few of my singles/advanced cds. I also have the AOD advanced CD, but currently only seeing my case which concerns me… it’s here somewhere.


Jealous of those AoD promos. Cool stuff!


I’m only allowed to post one photo, so here is my pre-nitro vinyl collection. In total, I have over 250 different AFI releases. In terms of physical variant releases, there’s not a lot left that I’m missing. Just some Nitro variants and early tests. I also have majority (if not all) the promo CDs and cassettes. Here’s a link to my full collection.

Eventually I wanna take a pic of all the little AFI merch that I have (necklaces, rings, patches, pins, etc.).


You’ve got some of the mastering CDs too, don’t you? Crazy stuff.


Still trying to find that Advance CD yet. Hasn’t popped up for ages.


That is an AMAZING collection!


What a beautiful sight! Awesome collection.


This is an outdated pic already, but my ATASF collection is getting pretty big.


So, we have two Dork owners on here; you and @insectpins. Well, I am honored to have you both on here - thank you!

Your collection is impressive. Naturally, I’m trying to find things that I have and you don’t (LOL!). Do you have many AFI shirts?


I may have half that many of the ATASTF vinyls… those 2014/15 represses got me. I have none of those. That is a beautiful sight - very nice!


You can add me to that list once…or twice