Red Rocks! Will you be there too?


I won tickets to Red Rocks! I’m going to the show!!! :four_leaf_clover::fire::heart:️:notes:

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I’m jealous! I’m anxious to know what set list you get! Hunter said the Red Rocks show marks an anniversary of him joining the band back in the day!

Also, I’m jealous of you! You’ll be able to get this shirt! (the girl one)


I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! Go and enjoy yourself! I will try not to cry tears of jealousy. LOL


The show was AMAZING!!! Red Rocks was AMAZING! Davey climbed the red rock right next to me and sang “I Hope You Suffer”! :fire::notes:


Yay! I am so glad it was amazing for you!


I gotta ask, did you get any merch or take any other photos?


Yes, I’ve posted some photos already and I’m in the process of posting more on my Instagram account. I’m “ryuaki1” on Instagram. I bought some tour merchandise too, including the “Lily Girl” special lithograph! :heart:️ More pics to follow!


Yes, please post them on here! :slight_smile:


I will try to post the pictures here too! :heart:️:fire::musical_note:


I took lots of photos at Red Rocks. One of my favorite memories is of Davey jumping off stage during “I Hope You Suffer”. He ran up the stairs right past me and scaled one of the big red rocks. Then he continued singing!


I’m meaning to update with videos, etc. Just had a long car ride home so I feel very behind.

Sounds like an awesome experience. :slight_smile:


I have lithograph number 41 of 100!


Lucky! Very nice. I have the Blood Tour poster, just not framed yet. However, I may be picking up my framed set list tomorrow.


I tried to get a Red Rocks set list but all the stagehands and security personnel I smiled really nicely at said no!
I also tried to catch one of Adam’s drumheads that were thrown into the crowd at the end. I had my hand on one, but someone else had two hands on it and they pulled it out of my hand and cut my finger. I was so close though! :pensive:


Well, don’t feel too bad… this wasn’t a set list obtained through being at the barricade. Mine doesn’t have duct tape like @_tonibell’s. I just happened to get one from one of the stage personnel that handed the extra set lists out to some of us who were waiting out back by the tour bus after the show. My wife was right beside me and she lunged and grabbed one for me.

Getting that set list totally changed my “getting stuff signed” priorities. I had brought my DOTP ep cover to get signed and a magazine article I made into a poster. Hunter actually commented on it when I had him sign it. :slight_smile:

I need Adam and Davey to sign the magazine poster I made, then I can get it framed. :slight_smile:


Getting that setlist from Jade’s side was a combination of sheer dumb luck and endearing myself to the security guard in front of mez


You have duct tape though AND you have the “Who Knew?” premiere, don’t you?

My jealousy is severe.


I think I saw Who Knew the second night it was played. I think it was the Cleveland (?) show that they premiered it. I saw it in Portland. And, oh yes, I do like having the duct tape.


Yes, yes… the people with the duct tape set list from the “Who Knew?” premiere show… my jealously levels are pure.


I feel you. I’m still salivating over the lithos from Red Rocks.