Sing the sorrow show march 11 2023

Check your spam folders mine was in spam

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Mine was in spam too it has been sent out

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It says tickets go on sale at 9 am but everything on Ticketmaster says 10 am. probably a mistake on DF side right?

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it does say also that you’ll get it an hour before everyone else, so it doesn’t seem like a mistake…however… where is the option to use that presale code?

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I haven’t received a DF email since my last “Happy Birthday” email in 2012! Can anyone share the code?

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I just got the email with the code but am confused by the 9am use

yeah I love the idea of getting in an hour before everyone else… butttttt. how?

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Ya, I don’t see anything popping up on tickemaster either

If anyone gets the link to go to the RIGHT NOW sale please post!! The link from the email just goes to the general page

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Same! I didn’t have issues buying tickets for recent tours and freaking out that I didn’t get a code yet.

SAME!!! No link to buy on Ticketmaster

I just sent the DF an email about it. We’ll see if they respond the fix the issue.

It’s open now, just got my tickets!

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just got my tix. keep refreshing the Ticketmaster page and it will pop up

Yep just reclick the link from the email or refresh and the option will eventually appear!!!

Ugh, didn’t get an email. Is there an official DF site that’s not this?

best way i did it was by googling ticketmaster AFI go to the artist page, click on the event, choose your seats, and then it will ask you for the presale code. BTW couldnt get pit tickets, kept saying someone else bought them already so i just got some seated tix in a panick.

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Same, couldn’t get pit. Thanks for your help though, y’all. See ya at the show!

Has anyone gotten general admission floor tickets? It keeps saying unavailable

I haven’t received an email! Not in spam either :sob: