The AFI Discography on Discogs Thread


Also, I’m so glad you guys are doing a big refresher cause the months I spent uploading images and stuff was rather draining after some clueless users went and fucked up all the work I had done. I’ll try lend any support when I can, and if you want more photos of colours, I’d love to help.

The nice thing is, the only real issues are the nitro vinyl colours and the plethora of DU and STS cd pressings that hardly vary.


Goes to show how well my memory serves me. I just checked mine and you’re right, I still have shrink on most of them, but only a few have the sticker. This is a nightmare :slight_smile:

Also, there are technically three variations of the BSITS insert, one has a random “o” appear outside of the text, next one has that fixed, but has slightly higher contrast and loses some of the detail, the third one has a kind of a faint checkerboard pattern over the ship. At most I’d add this as info to the master release, it’d be impossible to categorize it further.

Yeah, I remember the second part from my chats with Geoff (via key lime pie myspace I think :upside_down_face: ), but I don’t remember anything about there being another difference other than the insert. But we’ve seen how reliable my memory is :smiley:


Thats why there should only be one entry since there are no differences. A note on the release is sufficient.


Not sure if I can help at all, but if you need me to check any of my vinyl, let me know! If not, imma just enjoy the nerding out from over here :open_mouth::popcorn:

I sold almost all my “random color vinyl” just cos it was so completely uncategorised, and another almost impossible to define but slightly different shade would be out next week. Also I’m colour blind so :unamused:


Can you confirm which releases have the stickers? That would be a big help since so many of us are working of memory.


As in “tan /300” type thing?


We got those sorted, it’s the “special colored vinyl” ones that are a pain. I was sure it’s on all those random ones, but just checked and it’s only on a few of mine.


If we took the time, we could MAYBE use the Wayback machine to check colors…

LOL… it’s basically useless because it doesn’t say which color. LOL… this brings back the memories of checking their site DAILY and buying vinyl.

EDIT: BTW, using this particular link for these captures; We’re talking 2003:


Lol $6 for a record .


Yeah if we just said 2 Wingnut black pressings, same label but two different inserts, that should cover it.


Can anyone remember any other variants that just said Special… and want to confirm?


Was editing my last post when you replied. Pretty much sold all the random colour ones, so I won’t be much help with this. :neutral_face:


These two are the same variant. Let’s merge:

@Nick210 do you have this variant? If not, message me.


Let me get you a post of my purple SYMs so you can see the difference in them. I think I have 3 or 4 now.


I’ve got multiples too. There’s no difference (except for photo lighting) in the 2 I posted. The variant has varying degrees of marbling giving some copies a darker shade of purple and some a lighter shade.

Also, this one does not come with a sticker on front.



I’m not sure how that pic proves the submissions are different.


I’m showing the vast amount of variation in what is considered a purple.


Okay but why not merge those 2? They are the same variant. There are still 2 other purple submissions that are different.


Yeah, but how can you define which are different and which aren’t? Where do you draw the line? That’s why I figured having them all under one “random colored” release would be least confusing, but merging dozens of releases is nearly impossible, so I guess the alternative is everyone just submits their own new variation for whatever they consider different enough. I mean, look at all the grey AODs :smiley: