The AFI Discography on Discogs Thread


I’m basing this off of a similar color (re: same).


I mean, if these are the same:

then so are these:




and many more. So it’s not really that clear-cut to me. :slight_smile:


Edit: nevermind
A couple of those are duplicates but I’ll post pics of the first and last group you mentioned to show the differences. Shitty camera photos are going to make some look similar and some look different.

I’ll say it again, the lighting on the SYMAOYE pressing is off but those are the same. If you guys disagree, that’s fine but I’m not going to push the subject any further. I’ll just wait until everyone decides how they plan on cleaning up the database.


@Slinch here are the 4 TAOD you posted. Hope that clears up any differences. Now that I have a new phone with a better camera I can always go back and get better images if you guys want.


I agree there is too much, but at what point does it constitute a new colour? Do we just say “purple” and list everyone I posted? One of them has a good splash of blue and it could be subjective.

Plus, we could tidy everything up and then some user will come and add “violet” and fuck everything up again.


So I’ve had a few minutes to spare and cleaned up everything I could think of. Now all f them follow the same pattern: black, colored runs with detailed stickers, random colored runs, new-nitro runs with different labels.

@dnlkdwll, do you have any more info on those 2012 BSITS entries? Is there anything specific to them that differentiates them from the previous random colored runs or did you just buy them up in 2012? I left them as is since I wasn’t sure where they belong.


They were POs. They were listed on sites like SRC and Interpunk as POs but the color was unknown. I think the only one that was marketed as a specific color was purple.


Also, since I’m snowed in I’m about to go through my collection and get the ones with the stickers verified.


Dude if I created a new listing for every shade of each color I have you guys would hate me and merges would go up in a heartbeat. Whenever I submit, it at least has to be a new color than a previous one and also differentiate between solid and marble. I consider those differences to be unique enough.


What I’m getting at is what is the basis? Do we list every colour known, and if there is a marble variant, that has it’s own listing? That would be most simple, and I like how Discogs has the “notes” option so you can specify any differences in your collection that would be slightly out of the ordinary. I’ve done it before by adding a second colour and noting “light” or “dark” variant for my own record keeping.


I honestly wouldn’t mind. As long as it’s formatted in line with everything else, it doesn’t matter to me if we have one release for 25 random colors or 25 different releases for each color, shade and variation.

Yeah, I bought a ton of those from interpunk during the years. I’d put them all under the same category, because Nitro pressed more whenever the ran out. Some places just said “awaiting stock”, others listed them as POs. If we want to list them as separate pressings, then I’d have to list some as 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 etc. Is it cool with you if I just throw them all under the same main category?


I think they should be listed without the year


Hey so I’ve seen the updates in discogs. I thought we were putting all stickered variants under one section? If not can we?


Well I’d definitely like to keep these:

separate from these:

But we can also have the stickered separate from non-stickered. First I’d like to see as many “special colored” stickered ones as possible to see how consistently they put these stickers on. I’ll take pics of mine when I get back home, but everyone who has them, please post pics!


Went through my collection and took some pics today. These are the ones in my collection with the “Special Colored Vinyl” sticker. There may be more but not all of mine still have the original shrinkwrap:

And a VPOY that’s a light grey/blue mix (not the one currently in Discogs).


Starting some lists to make finding things easier for new collectors. You can find which one has copies for sale in the list view. Working on a Special Colored Vinyl list now.

And #2. I’ll build it based on what we find on here.


I don’t feel like I have much to contribute to this thread, but I want to say I’m really enjoying the discussion here.


Anyone have anymore Special colored vinyl variants they want to confirm?