The DF - "What's Next?" Talk


This thread will simply serve for “future DF” talk. Like, what’s next or what could be.

I’m personally a little disappointed by the last DF package. While browsing their partner for releasing these packages (used to be CinderBlock, then GroundCtrl, now Warner Music Group via Artist Arena), I see some very interesting and diverse items… in the effect that it makes me excited and frustrated at the same time, simply due to the possibilities.

Check this out:


There are some cool options there. And I understand entirely what you mean by excited and frustrated, because it looks like they could do a lot more with this service.


For me…it was my first DF package ever…so I cannot complain…but I see your point…it could have been better…anyway we can influence what’s coming next???


What if we all submit photos,artwork,and our own tee shirt,poster, and do our own package,we can donate proceeds to the band or Peta which they support.Why not,I think it would be cool,we have alot of talented people here someone can do lithos for us members,kind of a continuation but celebrating the start of DFC…I’d even be willing to put out a 7 with the two other talented fellows.Just an idea after seeing your advert I was impressed I have no doubt we can do something like this.What do you think?


This is a great idea. I would be down to help.


I totally down with this!


Holy shit… that is awesome! Our own DF package? Sick!

I’ll show the DFC logo as soon as it’s official. :wink:


Ok…I don’t know why or how I didn’t read this before…our own DF package? That would be completely crazy and awesome! I’m down for the crime of course! :smiley: I can contribute with whatever is needed…just let me know and I will do my best :slight_smile:


I’m thinking t-shirt, mug and 18x24 poster. I’ll likely host the items through teespring unless anyone else has a better idea? I’m all ears.

As soon as I get some art drafts from my artist, we’ll go from there.

It could also be called the “YEAR ONE” package. Just a thought.


Maybe society 6 or Red Bubble? Those sites seem a bit more manageable, but I’m not an expert on this.


I like calling it the “YEAR ONE” package (as it implies we will be around for several years), and we could do teespring or society 6 or red bubble, I’m more familiar with the other two, not so much with teespring.


Let’s do this!I love the year one title!We can make some good tees,I swear I’ll pay for 4 hoodies or tees and I’ll get it to Davey and the guys through Smith,he always grabs setlists for me so he won’t mind.I can’t wait to see the logo aswell.


Just to update: My artist gave a first draft of the Burning Blackheart. It’s looking very cool. I sent her some feedback and some things to add and change.

However, I am also going to see if she can make us our own custom icons similar to STS… :wink:

I had the idea this morning… much of the icon idea was inspired by my feelings of owing a debt to the band for dropping out of things for how many years. I don’t intend to give their meanings right away when they’re done. I just hope everyone likes them. Right now I’m aiming on having 4 icons, plus the burning blackheart.


I suddenly desire buttons to pin all over my purse or jacket…because icons definitely lend themselves to buttons :wink:


It excites me that you’re excited! :slight_smile:

All I’ll say is that they do tell a story. I’ll reveal that after the icons are done and you all check them out. It’s a simple story that I think we’ll all be able to relate to.


The pins idea is cool too,I’m interested in the story you have to tell.Anyone else have ideas?I have ideas for shirts or hoodies if some want to pay more(for hoodies) once we get the design,it’s been awhile since afi had rings we can cast dfc rings one finger or two to get the dfc log or black heart,a necklace if the ring is too much which can have either the burning heart or dfc logo.I was thinking we make a book for each band member with @STORMS advert included then each dfc member gets a page/picture to write whatever they wish to the band. Just to show them the dark flame was reignited.I’d be able to deliver them to a few band members and I’m sure @Cher_I_Despair can aswell as he is the meet and greet master.Just some ideas,super excited


I’m all up for hoodies :wink:


I have now reached out to my tattoo artist as well. I’m doing this as I’m not sure my first artist will purely get the direction I want this to go in.

I’m also launching a separate take on the logo design after much thought but this idea made me more excited as it makes sense in a lot of ways. “Skull shaped heart” without flames, I’ll leave it at that for now.


Skull shaped heart I like,will it incorporate some of Daveys heart design,I jotted a few sketches if you’re Interested.After this tour with RA site exposure to fans and the band will see growth especially if we present a gift/photobook along with our own DF package to the members.I’m torn on the book where each member puts a photo and bio containing anything like drawings,art,stories,I think they’d love that.what do you think,I know it may seem corny but they’ll see the love and DFC will never die,I can see most of them joining the site.


Skull shaped heart sounds like AOF not AFI