The Missing Man EP


From what I’ve seen December 5th may be the release date as per the Australian Itunes lol. IG-daveyprojects


Here’s a pic I stole from Instagram


I’m thinking we’ll get more information tomorrow…it’s already tomorrow in Australia


Thats what I was thinking too. 1 day behind!


I’m really intrigued by “Trash Bat” lmao. I can’t wait for tomorrow to get more info


Are these just b-sides from Blood?


This link contains like a… 10 second teaser. Just scroll right on the Instagram pic:


@sayasha Can you do me a favor? Can you tag me in a post if something goes up for sale for the new EP (tour, vinyl, poster, etc.)? Between work and grad school, I don’t have the time to keep up with whatever’s happening. Thanks.


@dnlkdwll i’ ll do my best! Sounds like it will definitely be tomorrow for us!


I joined this forum entirely because I wanted to know what was going on with all the weird, cryptic stuff. They seem to always do this before a new release, lol. Not that I blame them - this gets me hyped almost every single time. I’m pretty damn excited there’s a new EP, I didn’t expect any new material from them this soon, considering how long the gaps have been lately.


According to this Russian website, it’s gonna be out Dec 7, which is on a Friday and makes more sense.

HD EP album cover:


Here yo go listen away


Awesome that there’s going to be a new EP…but…something doesn’t sit with me…isn’t it too fast for the mystery to be revealed? I guess the “Missing Man” is the name of the EP and “The Missing Woman” is going to be the name of the new album :wink: Unless they release another EP which I found not very likely…

A BTW Thanks so much @Cher_I_Despair :smiley: Need to click a lot to finally get to the song…but it worth it :stuck_out_tongue:


You can preview 30 seconds of “Get Dark” here:


Sounds about right if december 5th os a monday in us new releases in retailers are always tuesdays and fridays. Been at walmart as a manager 10 years and its always been that way


Thank you so much Jacob! The song was good on the first listen. Insane guitar solo. Is it me or the verse sounds like Evernight by Son of Sam?


Can’t wait to hear this. Hope it’s better material than The Blood Album.


Exciting! Though I’m not going to lie - I wish this was going to be drawn out longer… Love a good AFI puzzle.


It’s on YouTube now,thanks Jacob for the early listen.They could do missing man,missing woman,missing woman and man then have a baby, trilogy ep they have at least 100 if not more bsides.Jokes aside so excited for this!


“Get Dark” has a hell of a good guitar solo, maybe even one of Jade’s best. Damn. The song ends quite abruptly, but I found it to be thoroughly enjoyable. Definitely excited for the EP now…I’ll probably preorder it as soon as possible.