The Missing Man EP


Get Dark sounds alright actually. Wonder if the ep is made up of songs that could have gone on the blood album but didn’t make the cut, or are the completion of ideas that were on Jades iPod he dug out a little while back, a combination of the 2, or just something new.


If I remember correctly they said blood didn’t have any bsides,it was d.u.,burials which had both over 50-100,crash I think we got most of those.They were in the studio prior to this tour maybe they did these songs then but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were ideas from blood era.Anyways this and new blaqk audio will be awesome


Dude! That just cracked me up :slight_smile: Missing Man, Missing Woman and Missing Baby? That would hell of a trilogy! :smiley:


I already hit the pre-order button in iTunes. I can’t wait until December to hear the rest.


raise your hand if you’re planning to buy EVERY version of this thing.

waives hand while saying Hell Yes


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Pre-order bundles are up.


I had my browser set to refresh first thing. I like how the band hasn’t even announced a thing and we already know everything about it and preordered it.


Not sure how I feel about it yet… Though the guitar kinda reminds me older stuff.


Cheers dude. On it. Annoyingly the shipping costs are bollocksed. If I order more than one vinyl I get charged shipping for each individual item. 1 vinyl it is for now then.


Why is shipping 12.99???


…and it’s officially preordered. Decided to get the black and silver variant. The shipping is ridiculously expensive, though.


@Snobgrass thanks for the heads up.

I wasnt lying.


Shipping costs would have ruined me if I’d tried that!


I purchased 1 standard black EP, 2 of the silver & black…ep’s only, and the clear splatter bundle with out the signatures and shipping was $50 bucks…what the flying F is that about lol! That’s my Christmas gift to myself, that’s how I justified it.


I just got the vinyl, money is tight currently, so that seemed the most reasonable course of action…plus when it comes down to it I’d rather spend less money here and see if I can make it down to Cali for one of the shows.


I’m planning to get the “The Missing Man Black/Silver Vinyl EP + Merch Bundle” as soon as my paycheck arrives :slight_smile: Shipping is $15 for Canada…not as bad as I expected…

So bad I not going back to California until June next year (to live back there) :frowning: And because of visa issues I cannot even go back this year :frowning:


Straight up not paying $13 for shipping. Especially after that weak as shit single.


$200 just spent. Luckily I had enough in my paypal balance to cover it. Crazy expensive.


Is it impossible to check out on mobile for anyone else? I hate their webstore. Making me get on a desktop for this.


I’m sure it’ll be on amazon soon. At least the black variant.

And I’m gonna have to disagree with you on the new song. I was really feeling it. Sounds like a bside but that’s what I was expecting.