The Missing Man EP


Only able to afford the black and silver ep right now. Wish i was able to get the signed one and live in California lol​:joy::disappointed_relieved:.


Id love to get the silverand black the normal black and clear marble bundle but I never have any luck on afi pre orders they always say fuck you and cancel my shit.


Thanks for the heads up @Snobgrass!Snagged the vinyls I learned after blood not to wait on variants costly mistake!Has anyone ordered recently and received that pumpkin stencil I’m curious what it looks like…obviously a pumpkin but you know what I mean.


Nice are you coming back to the Bay area/Silicon valley?It’s ridiculous out here and how much things have changed.Ill feel different once my place is paid mortgage was a few hundred more than renting that is insanity


Yep :slight_smile: Back to Silicon Valley…most likely Mountain View :wink: And sure…I know everything is crazy expensive back there :frowning: So I hope my company gives a pretty decent raise :wink:

Anyway…once I get back we can find some middle ground and set up for some drinks :smiley:


Totally! I work for the city of SF and am transferring to mountain view PD for a bit (not a cop) so ill definitely catch you when you return.


Is it too soon to bitch about the art? I’ve been holding it in. Linas is not the guy for AFI. New Tiger Army release looked good though.

#48 It’s on Amazon now. Shipping will probably be way cheaper there (and you won’t even have to pay shipping if you’ve got prime). I almost considered canceling my order on their official shop (if that’s even possible), but I’ve realized I want the limited variant too much, so I’ll go ahead and pay that ridiculous shipping fee. lol


They got us with the 3 pressing options. Oh well, I think it’s exciting and it really didn’t happen that often.


I originally lied… I only got 4 of the bundles. I just got the other two… fucking hell.

However, THIS is the way to do it… get it when it’s fresh and not pay an ass and an arm on ebay later on. @Ksf145


Totally!I learned the hard way!Davey’s variant of blood was $94!This isn’t even old yet wait till it’s like du and crash going easily over $100 STS hits 2-300 too.Im confused the only way to get the limited clear splatter is in the $74 bundle,I see the other two but the clear is bundle only I think


Yes and the other one must’ve sold out already; the signed one that is. I was fortunate enough to grab one, I believe.


Aw no shit my order says processing,damn those went fast


I haven’t been on here in six months maybe, seems a lot has happened :slight_smile: Too bad the clear one is only available in the bundle, hopefully I’ll be able to pick it up cheaper on discogs or somewhere. Or maybe they even split them up if the bundles don’t sell well enough. $100 shipped for an EP, a print and a hoodie is a tough sell.


Been listening to nothing but “Get Dark”.


BTW I just realized that the Pumpkin stencil is only for orders and NOT PRE-ORDERS. I thought, “yes, I got the bundles so I should get it”… lol, nope.

I wonder if it’s the All Hallow’s pumpkin stencil? However, I already own everything I want from the AFI store. I literally have everything except the keychain, hat, ice tank and socks.


Looks like black is the standard, non limited pressing, and these are the numbers for the other 2.


@Acidpickle for the signed bundle… do you think the vinyl is also signed or just the litho? I’m really hoping they’re both signed…


Dude I was hoping I’d get the stencil as well that sucks!I asked and it’s just the litho that is signed as of now.If the e.p. we’re to be signed it will likely be available on tour like they did with blood.if that’s the case ill be sure to grab a few for the vinyl usuals like @Snobgrass, @Cher_I_Despair, @dnlkdwll, @insectpins @Blag anyone else just give me a heads up
Btw @STORMS do you have any DF club cards you’d want passed out,ill pay the printing,we could even collectively put something together gift wise cuz it will be easy for me to get ahold of Smith and meet the guys at Ace of spades .I’m more than willing


Clear with black splatter is limited to 1000. Add in the 250 that are signed.
The black and silver smash is limited to 2500. Add 750 from the bundled set.